We are looking to further enhance our team by adding a Image

We are looking to further enhance our team by adding a
Image Navigation and Registration engineer
You will be based initially for 2 years at our client’s headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Extension of a
further 2 years may be possible. In this large European Agency you will find an excellent and modern
working environment with challenging tasks and responsibilities.
Your Tasks Include:
The tasks of the Key person will typically include:
 Contributing to Client existing and future programmes in the development of INR data processing
systems, in particular:
o Support the development / procurement of the INR data processing systems;
o Support the verification and validation of INR data processing systems, and their initial
operations phase;
o Supporting the investigation and correction of anomalies related to the performance of INR
data processing systems;
 Developing and documenting prototype software validating INR algorithms and/or realizing INR
processing concepts for future programmes, in particular for high- accuracy processing of instrument
data from 3-axis stabilized platforms;
 Supporting the generation of proxy-data for INR prototyping or for verification/validation of INR data
processing systems;
 Develop the in-house knowledge base related to Image Navigation and Registration (INR) algorithms
and the related implementations as well as high-accuracy level 1 processing from instruments on
GEO and LEO orbits;
 Participation and contributions to formal reviews and/or technical meetings.
Your Profile:
In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline, the Key person shall have
the following mandatory skills and experience:
 An extensive theoretical knowledge of Level 1 data processing algorithms for Image Navigation and
Registration, and geometric correction;
 Hands-on experience in the design and implementation of estimation filters (e.g. Kalman or Leastsquare filters), preferably in an Image Navigation and Registration application context;
 A sound experience in the specification, prototyping, implementation, verification and validation of
complex, real-time Level 1 data processing systems for imaging and/or sounding instruments on
remote sensing spacecraft;
 A thorough understanding of the interaction between instrument/platform characteristics and
processing impact, including product quality;
 Experience in the development of INR processing systems preferable for large (multi- instrument)
operational space programmes;
 The ability:
o To work effectively in small teams;
o To work autonomously without close supervision;
o To work to tight deadlines under changing conditions;
o To analyze complex problems, distinguishing between critical and less critical information,
and to synthesize and clearly present the results of such analyses.
 Hands-on expertise in at least one coding language, preferable C/C++, and with a tool to support of
algorithm software development and rapid prototyping, e.g. MATLAB, IDL, Python.
The following skills and experience will be considered advantageous:
 Some familiarity with UNIX/LINUX systems;
 Knowledge of imaging and/or sounding instrumentation for remote sensing spacecraft.
The Key person shall be able to conduct all activities in an orderly and disciplined manner, shall be able
to work calmly and correctly under stress and must be able to work with the minimum of supervision.
Fluency in English is mandatory and a working knowledge of French would be an advantage, together
with good communication skills.
REFERENCE: 15-211492
LOCATION: Darmstadt, Germany
CONTACT: recruit@moltek.net
CLOSING DATE: 11th January 2016
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