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Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013

People with disabilities creating opportunities

A letter from the Board Chair

Dear Friends, Supporters and Colleagues,

Leading up to CIL’s 40 th , we thought “big picture” – Board and staff members looked back at our history to plan for the future. We thought about the

Affordable Care Act, employment rates, and the implementation of the Olmstead decision, and launched new initiatives to address some of these issues. We’re pleased with the impact of our programs, and are rising to meet the advocacy challenges that come with the territory. New partnerships in the community are being formed with the goal of tackling persistent inequalities and raising our voices more powerfully together.

This year we’ve also looked down the lens from the other direction, focusing on improving each interaction with the public, all internal and external processes, and every service we provide. CIL’s Information and Referral system, already a vast resource, has been revamped to get people to the full range of facts and services that they need. New computers at all of our offices, equipped with a wide range of assistive technology, have made access to our services and resources available to more individuals, across disability, thanks to the California

Communications Access Foundation. A new website, designed more clearly is almost done.

As I write this, CIL’s search for a new Executive Director is under way. Soon we expect to have new leadership to continue the drive to excellence and focus our direction. We look forward to reporting to you next year!


Henry Leng, Jr.


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013

CIL Board of Directors

Henry Leng (Chair)

Beatrice Worthen (Vice-Chair)

Paul Hippolitus (Secretary)

Hank Stratford (Treasurer)

Jed Appelman

Joanna Fraguli

Melissa Male

Ted Dienstfrey

CIL/Haas Supporting Foundation Board of Directors

Hank Stratford (Chair)

Jennifer King (Treasurer)

John Jordan (Secretary)

Beatrice Worthen

Ted Dienstfrey

William Rindfuss

2013 by the Numbers

CIL services provided in 3 medical clinics

502 New people served

56 students utilized vocational services

105 pieces of assistive technology distributed

1630 hours of community service & outreach

Over 1300 donations received

5334 information & referrals provided

Peer counseling workshops hosted in 2 local high schools


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013

2012-2013 Finances

Revenues: $2,694,587

Government Grants- $1,912,060 (71%)

Private Funds- $427,634 (15.9%)

Bequests- $28,700 (1.1%)

Fees of Service - $263,671 (9.8%)

Investments & Other- $62,522 (2.3%)

Expenses: $2,482, 802

Program Services- $1,840,391 (74.1%)

G&A- $527,162 (21.2%)

Fundraising- $115,249 (4.9%)

Growing Possibilities

These are just a few of the success stories made possible by your generosity.

Every day, people with disabilities discover new ways to take charge of their lives and become more connected to their community.

CIL does not charge individuals for its core services. Our community events, workshops, seminars and peer groups are open to all people with disabilities and seniors.

Continued contributions from individuals, foundations and corporate partners will enrich our services and open these opportunities to more people. Thank you for your support!


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013

Meet J.G. -The Employment Academy

J. G. graduated from our Academy and was subsequently hired as a Technical

Trainer at UC- Berkeley. "No one had ever drilled me on my elevator speech or made it quite so clear what an effective speech should contain,” J.G. wrote in an email to CIL. “Because of [the Academy], I was ready … (and relaxed) when asked to tell a little bit about myself.”

Meet Doris - California Community Transitions Program

When she heard about CIL’s Transitions Program, Doris wanted to use the service to leave her East Oakland nursing home. CIL’s team signed her up for a housing lottery, helped with the complicated paperwork, purchased basic housewares and furnishings, and got her connected with a nearby pharmacy and primary care physician. At the end of the process and with CIL’s support, Doris moved into an apartment that was safe, accessible and affordable.

CIL is dedicated to helping people find a way to live in the community, rather than in an institution.

Meet Wan - Accessible Technology (AT) Program

When a woman called CIL needing a hearing device for her 102 year old mother,

Wan, AT Coordinator Amy went to their home to demonstrate a few options.

Amy lent Wan a small speaker to try. They loved it so much that a few weeks later Amy was back with permanent devices for both mother and daughter.

Family dinners are more enjoyable now that they can better hear their grand and great-grandchildren.

The Assistive Technology program offers popular workshops on finding and using the right technology to meet every day needs.


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013

Meet Pam - Universal Wellness Program

CIL’s health and wellness program, which is now also offered at LifeLong Medical

Center, continues to help seniors and people with disabilities thrive. Pam used the tools she learned in the workshops to find her own apartment and improve her health. “The two hours every week is something I look forward to very much,”

Pam wrote. “I do believe that once we feel a sense of genuine self-empowerment and are able to navigate life more independently, that our health improves.

For me, I have been able to take greater responsibility for my health which equals less doctor visits, less medication, better diet and a deep inner peace and knowing that I can again become a contributing member of the community.”

Why I give

"CIL has helped Americans to see the abilities of disabled persons. It remains a pioneer in developing means by which persons can … enhance their talents, and live useful and fulfilling lives."

- William “Sandy” Muir, Annual Donor

How You Can Help

Donate online at www.cilberkeley.org

Introduce your friends & colleagues to CIL

Attend our annual Authors Night

Stop By our booth at a street fair


Include CIL in your will

Learn More at www.cilberkeley.org


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013

2012-2013 Donors



The Rifenrath Trust


The Carolyn Mae Marks Trust


Arthur J. & Mary Jo Shartsis


Anonymous, Diane B. Wilsey, Joseph Hall, Michael & Lee Callaham, Monte & Wanda

Meyers, Patricia J. Lyon, Ted & Patricia Dienstfrey, Winifred Wood


Anonymous, Arlene B. Mayerson, Devereaux Smith, James Fousekis, Jed Appelman,

Lewis Feldman, Martin Weinstein, Paul L. Rein, Shelley Bergum, William & Paulette Muir

Jr., Zona Roberts


Anonymous (4), A.V. Gratch, Adrienne Hillebrandt, Allen & Donna Baum, Anthony Sauer,

Arnold & Elaine Grossberg, Beatrice Worthen, Bruce Caplan, Carl Gagnon, Charles

Halpern, David H. Malcolm, David Bradford, David & Marilyn Nasatir, Debbi Bellush,

Dennis & Rene Ross, Dirk Neyhart, Earl & Barbara Hamlin, Earl & June Cheit, Elaine

Tennant, Ellen Matthew and Isaac Turiel, Eric Strauss, Erica Hess, Frederick Fassett,

Frederick C. & Joan H. Collignon, Gary Stroud, Gay Plair & Paul Cobb, Genevieve Woods,

Gerald Baptiste, Grinling & Kathryn Mac Clelland, H.L. Kennedy, Hank Stratford, Hans-

Christian Kasper, Harriet Goldman, Heather Haggarty, Henry Leng Jr., Irving & Ellen

Zucker, Jacqueline Curtis, James & Janet Wenningner, Jane Goldberg, Jean Reilly, Jerrine

Lucas, Joan Garland, Joanna Fraguli, John Nixon, John & Beverly Polt, Joyce Lashof, Joyce

& Sidney Putnam, Judy Heumann, Kari Eells, Kathryn Stambaugh, Kathy & Craig Moody,


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013

Kenneth Stein, Kerwin Allen, Klaus Dehlinger, Laurel Holland, Leslie Hata, Lisa Carlin,

Lynda LoDestro, Margaret Hall, Margaret Saulsberry, Margaret Schneider, Marian &

Roger Gray, Mark Burns, Marvin & Florence Ross, Mary L. Wainwright, Michael

Humphreys, Michelle Hernandez, Morris & Audree Weiss, Morton & Grace Orenstein,

Nancy L. Ober Alward, Nina Ghiselli, Noemi Levine, Owen Cooper, Pam Mendelsohn,

Patricia Orr, Paul Hippolitus, Paul Grossman, Peter Bank, Peter & Diana Dea Crook, Philip

Lee, Ramon Jimenez & Joan Leon, Ray & Roseanne Perman, Richard J. Brown, Richard &

Laurie Morrison, Richard Spittler, Robert Dumper, Robert D. Falsetti, Robert Clear, Robin

Standish, Schuyler & Susie Bailey, Selma & Kenneth Johnson, Sharon Rose, Stephen E.

Beard, Steve & Amy Jacobsohn, Steven Weinberg, Susan Sawyer, Susan Chandler, Susan

& Joseph Daly, Theresa Woo, Thomas Job, Tom Bates, Wendy Wilkinson, Wendy &

Robert Bergman, William Toaspern, William Wedemyer, Yomi S. Wrong


Anonymous (4), Adeline Gunnerson, Adrian Ryan, Alan Bradley, Ann Steppan, Anne

Henny, Anne Steiner, Anthony & Chris Pagano, April Monroe, Babranti Oloyede, Barbara

Beatty, Barbara Conheim, Beatrice Burgess, Beatrice Kirchner, Carl & Jan Knecht,

Catherine Powers, Charlene Harrington, Christine Tabony, Christopher Bailey, Daniel &

Jacqueline Garrett, Daniel Nikkel, David Geisinger, David Petta, Dean & Nancy Johnson,

Debora Leung, Delta Harris, Dennis Slaughter, Donald Scanlon, Dorothy Fedetz, Douglas

Dohrer, Drew & Margaret Robarts, Edwin & Marie McKeown

Public Funding

Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, Alameda County Transportation

Commission, CA Department of Rehabilitation, CA Department of Health & Human

Services, CA Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, City of Berkeley, City of

Oakland, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, U.S. Department of Education

Corporations and Foundations


CIL/Haas Supporting Foundation

$60,000-$40,000 CIL/Shupin Endowment


California Communications Access Foundation, The San Francisco Foundation


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013


George H. Sandy Foundation, Koret Foundation, Sutter East Bay Region, William G.

Gilmore Foundation


Alameda Alliance for Health, Jewish Community Endowment, Kaiser Permanente, Ruth

Arnhold Endowment Fund


Fidelity Investments, San Francisco Foundation, Thunen Family Foundation, Union Bank


Friends of CIL, Gerson Bakar Foundation, Lawrence Livermore Lab, Matson Foundation,

Port of Oakland, Telecare Corporation, Wheelchairs of San Mateo, Zalec Familian &

Lilian Levinson Foundation


The Morrison & Foerster Foundation, University of California Berkeley, University of

California Berkeley Haas School of Business


Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Follette-

Olivieri Family Fund, Kamer Consulting Group, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Through the

Looking Glass, Toolworks Inc., United Way California Capital Region, United Way of the

Bay Area


Center for Independent Living, Inc. Annual Report 2013



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