Donation Request Letter

[Jurisdiction Letterhead]
Attn: <manager/owner>
<city>, <ST>
RE: Donation for [Event Title]
On [Date] the [Event Sponsor- Jurisdiction] is hosting a community event at [location].
The purpose of this event is to [purpose of event].
We anticipate approximately [number of participants] participants at this function. We were hoping that
you could assist us by providing [what you are asking for- food, a small gift to be given out as door
prizes throughout the day, equipment, supplies, etc. or leave open ended]. Any assistance you can offer
will be greatly appreciated.
[Jurisdiction] is a non-profit entity with Federal EIN no.[EIN number] and has a Colorado state tax
exemption certificate no. [Colorado State Tax Exempt number].
You may reach either [Contact person], [Title] at [email], [phone number], or [alternate contact with
phone] for more information or to make your valuable donate. Thank you for your consideration of this
[Contact Name]
[Contact Phone]
[Alternate Contact]
[Alternate Contact Phone]