The Roaring Twenties


Review Terms for WWI and 1920s

Key Names

George Creel David Lloyd Garrison Georges Clemenceau Vittorio Orlando Woodrow Wilson Henry Cabot Lodge Attorney General Palmer Sacco & Vanzetti Pancho Villa Allied Powers Central Powers Alfred Smith Henry Ford William Jennings Bryant Clarence Darrow

Key Terms

Neutrality Submarine warfare Propaganda Assembly Line Fundamentalism Revivalists Lost Generation Harlem Renaissance Reparations Prohibition Consumerism: autos, radios, movies

The Roaring Twenties

Area One: Politics and Government

Question: Were the twenties a retreat from Progressivism or an extension of reform? a.

The Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover Administrations b.


The Harding scandals and the Bonus Bill veto The effects of the 19 th Amendment d.

Hoover and the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Area Two: Economics Question: The twenties: a business person’s paradise or an economic dirge? a.




Influence of Henry Ford The agricultural problem and labor unrest The growth of mass production Prosperity and innovation Area Three: Cultural Clashes Question: Was this an age of unlawful protest or legal repression? a.

Red Scare and Palmer Raids b.

Immigration restriction versus Golden Door c.


Traditional moral values versus modernists (Prohibition/Scopes Trial) New women versus Victorian values e.


Race relations/KKK/Garveyism Urbanism vs. Suburbanism/Migration of African-Americans

Area Four: Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

Question: Are the twenties best remembered as a period of isolation or one of internationalism? a.

Role of US in disarmament conferences b.

Dawes and Young Plans for reparations c.


Relations with Mexico and Latin America Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact

Area Five: Mass Culture

Question: Was the so-called “Jazz Age” characterized as carefree or insecure? a.

Harlem Renaissance/Jazz b.



Lost Generation Creation of mass culture by radio, movies, and popular magazines Increased leisure time/professional sports, amusement parks, national parks

Key Events

Espionage Act Sedition Act Selective Service Act Russian Revolution Zimmerman Telegram Red Scare Palmer Raid League of Nations Fourteen Points Treaty of Versailles 18 th & 21 st Amendment Ku Klux Klan Organized Crime Scopes Trial Immigration Quotas Jazz Age