Poetry Analysis Group Project

ROMANTICISM Poet/Poetry ANALYSIS Presentations
As a group, you will be “teaching” your poet/poem(s) to
the class. Your presentation must include:
A. Poet Background
B. Poem(s) Text
C. Poem(s) Analysis including theme of the poem (lesson or
D. Poem(s) Analysis including different examples of any of the
following LITERARY DEVICES with explanation of how they help the
reader better understand the meaning
personification, simile, metaphor, imagery, symbolism, alliteration,
analogy, rhyme, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, allusion,
hyperbole, etc.
(Use the literary glossary in your book if you need help.)
E. llustration of the poem-think of what images come to mind as
you read/analyze the poem. These may be concrete or abstract;
just ensure you offer explanation.
F. Explanation-of how the poem fits into the Romanticism
Poets: Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron,
Shelley, Keats
Poems: Your choice from the textbook (at least
1; 2 for comparison is best)
GRADE: Effective analysis including ALL
elements and aesthetics! Individual and group
participation guidelines still apply.
* Your presentation may be a PPT, a Prezi, a video, or any
other presentation-type program. You MUST save your
presentation to a flashdrive and be prepared to load it to
my computer on Monday.
* You will have Thursday and Friday this week to work; finished products are due Monday,
March 11 for presentation (remember, your papers are also due that day, so time
management is a MUST!)
* Thursday, March 14, you will have a quiz over all the
poets and the background of the Romanticism Period.