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Natural Disaster Crossword

Natural Disaster
3. Occurs in warm and dry weather,
especially common in Australia
6. A sudden increase in water level,
causing water to flow above ground
7. Forms when magma escapes the
Earth’s crust rapidly
12. Occurs when a liquid turns into gas
13. Sudden flow of electricity in the
atmosphere due to accumulated
potential difference
14. A tropical storm that occurs in the
Asian region
15. Occurs when tectonic plates rub
against each other, creating friction
16. A type of climate and region of Earth
where it is warm and humid
17. Magma that escapes to the surface of
the Earth
1. A large wave of water created by an
earthquake in the seafloor
2. Describes events occurring in the
4. A tropical storm that occurs in the
American region
5. The centre line of Earth that rings the
planet in East-West direction
8. A tropical storm that occurs in the
southern hemisphere
9. A condition where water is scarce due
to lack of rainwater
10. Describes events occurring within the
Earth's crust
11. Melted rock inside of the Earth’s crust