Ch 17 Quiz 2015

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Chapter 17 Quiz
Multiple choice (two points each):
1. The Earth’s crust is most likely to be changed by all of the following except:
A. Volcanic activity
B. Plate tectonics
C. Erosion and glaciers
D. Ocean currents
2. Which of these physical processes tend to wear down mountains?
A. folding and faulting
B. glaciation and erosion
C. Volcanic activity and flooding
D. tectonic activity and sedimentation
3. The movement of tectonic plates will cause all of the following except:
A. volcanic eruptions
B. earthquakes
C. changes in climate
D. mountain building
4. The liquid rock underneath a volcano is called:
A. lava
B. magma
C. sediment
D. precipitation
5. Which of these natural forces causes landsides to move?
A. tectonic movement
B. volcanic activity
C. convection
D. gravity
6. The Ring of Fire marks a zone of volcanic activity around which ocean?
A. Arctic Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean
C. Indian Ocean
D. Pacific Ocean
It is Saturday, and you are traveling to Boston. You cross the Hudson River and notice
something unusual; it is a U-shaped valley. What physical process was at work (two
The Sierra-Nevada Mountains in California are a great example of Fault-Block
Mountains. Are Fault-Block Mountains are formed by a force from above the crust
or a force from below the crust (two points)?
Which physical process causes mountain building (one point)?
You travel to the Great Lakes. These lakes were formed about 10,000 years ago as a
result of forces from above the crust or forces from below the crust (two points)?
What are the four main layers of the earth (two points)?
A. ______________
B. ______________
C. ______________
D. ______________
The upper-most layer of the mantle and the crust is known as the
__________________________. (two points)