names of the specific plates


Google Earth Project Names:_______________ ______________ Hr ____ Earth Location:_______________ Google Earth Plate Tectonics Project: _______/28

On the back of this sheet, record what YOU did to help complete this project! Put your name/initials on your part.

Essential Question 2: What is the evidence of location and interaction of tectonic plates? Learning Targets: I can...

Understand that ocean trenches, mid-ocean ridges and mountain ranges are due to the volcanic and seismic activity at plate boundaries

Understand that major geological events, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and mountain building, provide evidence of the location and slow movement of tectonic plates Enduring Understanding: In groups of one or two...

Select one of the Earth locations below, or suggest an alternative. Use Google Earth to explore this area. (No more than 3 groups per location). Divide up the work load among the group members.       Iceland Japan Africa (Northeastern side) Aleutian Islands Southern California (west coast) South America (Peru/Chili area)     India (northern region) Sumatra Mid-Atlantic Ridge Pacific Northwest (U.S)

Press the START button and go to All Programs. Select the Google Earth file and then the Google Earth program. This may take a few minutes.

In the Layers menu (bottom left), click the triangle to expand the Gallery. Then check the box for Earthquakes, also Volcanoes. Then click the triangle to expand Oceans. Check the box for Explore the Oceans. Checklist: Evaluate the chosen area and take notes for the following four items. Record your findings in the data table on the back of this sheet and who found it.



: Number of (Many or few?) and patterns (Clumped, scattered, or in lines?) Last eruption? Where? Details?

See my Teacher Page for websites of up-to-date info

. ___


: (Many or few?) and patterns (Clumped, scattered, or in lines?) Last earthquake? Where? What magnitude?

See my Teacher Page for up-to-date info

. ___ Zoom in to observe & record any nearby

land features

(Islands? Mountains? Trenches?) ___ Use a plate boundaries map to find the

names of the specific plates

that are interacting at your location .

See my Teacher Page for a map


From your observations above, determine the following, and record in the data table:

___ The specific type of plate boundary ___ The evidence for your decision of the type of plate boundary

Points earned

___ Participate in an oral presentation of your findings to the class in a format of your choice. You must use at least one visual. This may include Google Earth.

Focus Volcanoes Earthquakes Land features Specific Plates SPECIFIC type of Boundary Evidence Present your findings

Data Collection Table

What does this mean?

-Number(many/few?) -Patterns?(clumped, scattered, lines?) -Last eruption details-when, where -Number(many/few?) -Patterns?(clumped, scattered, lines?) -Last EQ-details, when, where, magnitude What features are here? (islands, mountains, trenches…) Use a plate boundaries map to find the names of the specific plates involved at your location.

**From your observations above, determine the following:

Convergent, divergent, or transform & type of crust involved here What were the 3 BEST pieces of evidence for you to conclude on the type of boundary answered above?

-EVERYONE must be a part of the presentation. -One visual is needed, this may include Google Earth

Data/evidence collected 1.



Who worked on it and the date.

TOTAL POINTS: _______ Comments: