Scoring Rubric for M.A. Organizational Change and Leadership
STRONG: (5 points)
The paper is clear, focused and grammatically correct
The writer expresses ideas well, they are explicit and clear
There are appropriate connections throughout
Relevant information is provided in a thorough but succinct way
Paragraphs contain relevant anecdotes and details and are well constructed
Transitions are clear, smooth and used appropriately
The paper is organized well; flows smoothly
The paper has a recognizable introduction and conclusion
The content is thorough and accurately reflects the questions/statements that were to be addressed
ACCEPTABLE (3-4 points)
Ideas are reasonably clear and purposeful but need to be more explicit, detailed or personalized
Minor grammatical errors
Minor sections of the paper are not clearly articulated
Most paragraphs contain relevant anecdotes and details
Transitions are awkward and/or needed in some areas
Organization would benefit from additional editing in order to flow smoothly
Introduction and conclusion could be more specific
The content needs more depth with regard to the questions/statements that were to be addressed
UNACCEPTABLE (1-2 points)
The paper has no clear sense of purpose or central theme
Information is very limited or unclear
Frequent grammatical errors
Paper lacks clarity in a number of areas
Transitions are missing or minimal
Lacks good organization throughout
Introduction and conclusion are vague
The content did not adequately and/or accurately address the questions/statements that were to be addressed
Words/phrases are specific, adequate and accurate
Words convey the intended message in an interesting, precise and natural way
Slang is avoided; wording is formal
Imagery is strong
The writing has an easy to read “flow” and good connections
The sentence structure reflects variation and grammatical accuracy
Words/phrases are almost always correct and adequate
There is some redundancy and/or use of clichés
The intended message is redundant and/or unclear in some areas
Some slang is used when more formal wording is appropriate
The sentence structure reflects variation and grammatical accuracy with few exceptions
Writing reflects a limited vocabulary
Language is vague and abstract
Inappropriate slang is used
Clichés and/or jargon distracts the reader
Words/phrases are used incorrectly
Transitions are awkward and/or inaccurate
Sentences are choppy and fail to reflect variation and/or clarity