Jeremy Jakubowski (Arizona State University)

Jeremy Jakubowski
1556 W. 4
Place, Mesa, AZ  (602) 476-4631  [email protected]
Electronics Test Engineer and Software Developer
Over 15 years’ experience working with electronic systems.
Awarded multiple time for technical achievements and accomplishments.
Experience working with engineering development teams. Specific experience with JTAG boundary scan and
programming, RF circuits, networking, circuit board design, test equipment, test development,
troubleshooting, and design verification.
Quick learner and an electronics enthusiast.
Extracurricular computer programming, computer networking, and computer repair training experience.
Great focus on automation and test development.
Maintained an active U.S. DOD secret security clearance for 8 years.
Currently enrolled in ASUs Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at CIDSE.
Extremely motivated to work professionally in the space exploration community
Work Experience
ASU SESE (School of Earth and Space Exploration)
11/2014 – present
Title: Student Researcher
Project lead for ASU’s ground station effort.
Developed a complex excel document for all the preliminary calculations involved in both satellite and
ground station communication systems.
Developed orbital simulations and RF link modeling using AGI’s STK software utility.
Produced preliminary designs and diagrams for the ground station system.
Communications specialist for AOSAT satellite.
Sand 9
12/2012 – 05/2013
Title: Electronics Validation Engineer
Developed tests for validating MEMs resonators primarily using Python, Labview and Test-Stand
Worked closely with design engineering to validate new designs.
Documented test results and presented reports both orally and written.
General Dynamics
06/2007 – 12/2012
Title: Electronics Test Engineer/ Technician
Performed complex system level and board level troubleshooting for developing products.
Operated and programmed equipment such as In Circuit Test (ICT), Flying Head Verification (FHV),
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and the CRX2000 Real-time X-ray machine.
Experience troubleshooting and designing RF circuits for successful programs such as CM300 and JTRS-HMS.
Designed Test Fixture assemblies and circuit boards for manufacturing test.
Trained technicians on troubleshooting techniques and manufacturing process knowledge using detailed flow
charts, procedures and group training sessions.
Directed associates with performing rework processes to non-conforming products and test fixtures.
Presented 5 high level awards for my direct development efforts for the JTRS-HMS program.
Tasked with the lead role in developing automated test programs. The programs developed were for the
initial manufacturing test and final software load configuration for the PRC-154 software defined radio.
o Professionally documented, version controlled and distributed to partner companies.
o Designed to help streamline engineering implementations to production units and for development/
demonstration efforts for the customer.
o Captured test reports and performed test data analysis to achieve a 96% test yield
o Developed test programs and scripts in languages such as python, batch, C++, visual basic, AutoIT,
Labview and Test-stand.
Work Experience Continued
United States Navy
01/2002 – 01/2007
Title: Avionics Technician
Honorable Discharge
Job Duties:
Troubleshot, replaced, and adjusted various electrical parts on the E6-B Mercury, CH-53E Helicopter, and Q14a underwater sonar unit. Some of these systems included pitot and static systems, AOA systems,
intercom, amplifier and digital circuit boards, RF systems, wires and switches.
Setup and operated ground support and test equipment, such as test carts, panels, and ground power units
to perform functional and continuity test of the electrical and electronic systems.
Volunteer work/ awards: Cracker Jacks Marching unit, Navy Battle E, Junior Sailor of the quarter and more.
Arizona State University
Mesa Community College
Devry University
08/2014 – Present
01/2012 – 05/2014
03/2009 – 09/2009
United States Navy Avionics Technician Training
 Advanced electronics training core (16 weeks)
 AE/ A1 Common Core (8 Weeks)
 AE/ A1 Strand (15 weeks)
01/2002 – 01/2007
Technical training received:
- Aircraft Electrical Systems
- Electrical Troubleshooting
- Electrical Test Systems
- AC/ DC Theory
- Training with Radio Frequency
- Solder Certification
- Q-14a Underwater Sonar Unit OJT
- Solid State Circuit Electronics
- Electrical Troubleshooting
Aircraft Instrument Systems
Electrical Safety Fundamentals
Electronics Laboratory
Digital logic Circuits
CH-53E Helicopter OJT (Avionics)
E6-B Mercury OJT (Avionics, Plane Captain)
Communication Receivers
Electrical Test Instruments
Personal Fitness/ Conditioning
Personal Finance Management
Weapon Safety
Additional training:
First Aid and Safety
Pollution Control
DOD Information Assurance Awareness
Non-credited Training/ Accomplishments
Plane Captain for E6b Mercury
Hazmat safety coordinator
Six-sigma training
ASSET and XJTAG JTAG Boundary Scan
Expirence with BF561 processor flash/ ram
applications, Altera FPGAs, MSP430, Marvell
flash/ Ram applications
Clearcase database knowledge.
Corrosion Control Technician/ Instructor
JTAG Programming and troubleshooting
Solder Certified and ESD training
Radiation safety certified/ X-ray operator
SPI-By-Wire programming
Computer repair (high school)
Computer Networking (high school)
Computer Programming (high school)