Waste and Non-Toxics (reduce, reuse, recycle)

Green Checklist for Small Businesses
10 points per item-40 points for bonus items
Waste and Non-Toxics (reduce, reuse, recycle)
Non-disposable dishware provided/encouraged with no Styrofoam used. ☐
Paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass are all recycled. ☐
Electronic devices are donated for reuse or recycled. ☐
Cleaning products are green certified. ☐
Paper materials are 30% minimum recycled-content. ☐
Paperless alternatives are used when possible (bulk mail, brd mtg.). ☐
Copy machines and printers set to default to double sided copying. ☐
Lighting is free of incandescent bulbs. ☐
Sustainable Checkout: “Bag needed?” staff query in one item purchases.
Energy efficient electronic hand dryers used in restrooms. ☐ 40 pt bonus
Fluorescent light bulbs given to hazardous waste collection. ☐ 40 pt bonus
Computer equipment set to power down at night. ☐
Non-emergency indoor lights are turned off each night. ☐
Programmable thermostats set back when space typically unoccupied. ☐
Appliances are ENERGY STAR® qualified. ☐
T5s - CFL - K5000 – LED Lighting. ☐
Thermostat is set to 76 min cooling & 68 max heating. ☐
Teleconference/videoconference technologies utilized. ☐
Sustainable transit options on work-related trips. ☐
Bike parking is provided for employees. ☐
Occupancy sensors are installed in common areas. ☐
40 pt bonus
Heating and cooling unit at 90% efficiency. ☐
40 pt bonus
Carpool and vanpool connections are practiced. ☐
40 pt bonus
Restroom faucets have aerators. ☐
Tap/filtered water is used, not bottled water. ☐
Outdoor irrigation shuts off during rain events. ☐
Toilets and urinals with low flow control (watersense seal is best). ☐
Pervious pavement/landscaping that slows/filters stormwater. ☐
Landscaping designed for low water use. ☐
On-site storm water management (ecoroof/rainwater collector). ☐ 40 pt bonus
Tree canopy adjacent to paved areas and/or the street. ☐
40 pt
TOTAL____________ REVIEW DATE REQUESTED________ to [email protected]
264 points to achieve certificate (10 pts per item, bonus items 40
Please bring completed survey to our Green Awards Ceremony,
August, 2015
Please visit: http://www.springfield.il.us/PublicWorks/Recycle.aspx
for local resources on sustainable city services. SSI website listing
businesses that have attained 80 percent of the checklist.
Earning a 2016 SSI Annual Award
1. Sustainable landscaping
Sustainable landscaping help sequester carbon, clean the air, promote
water conservation, prevent resource depletion, and add beauty.
A sustainable landscape has the following characteristics:
a) Minimizes or mitigates impervious (water-repelling) surfaces so as to
preserve the natural hydrologic cycle and replenish groundwater.
b) Incorporates water-absorbent features such as rain gardens, French
drains, trees, green roofs and bioswales to soak in and recharge the
water table.
c) Utilizes long-lived locally native or non-invasive plants as the central
element of the landscape.
d) Reduces or eliminates artificial irrigation and pesticide use.
e) Promotes biodiversity and habitat for other organisms, diversity makes
a more resilient habitat.
2. Renewable Energy Use and Methods for Reducing Energy Use
Light sensors turning on only when room is occupied
Geothermal heating and cooling units
Solar panel installation
Urban wind turbines
Passive design utilizing sunlight and tightening air leaks in constructio
Trucks and cars should not idle - turn off
Bikers are provided with place to change/clean up before work.
Vehicles using 40 miles per gallon or less
Electric car charge stations
3. Waste -- reduce reuse recycle compost aerobic digestion
Aerobic or anaerobic waste eater
Confidential documents - use shredder
Construction and demolition materials recycled
Carpet installed with carpet squares to avoid entire surface replacement
Small waste cans at each desk with large recycling containers
Buying in bulk to avoid multiple packaging waste
Composting on site
Reusable towels practice
4. Water
Motions sensors on faucets
Gray water reuse operation on site