Proposed - Sand Lake Community Council

PROPOSED - Sand Lake Community Council Resolution 2015
SUBJECT: Request of Spinell Builders, who are constructing five duplexes in a
cluster between Wilcox and Endicott Streets off 80th Avenue, to plant at least
buffer landscaping per the “new rules” of Title 21 to “ensure that new
landscaping and the retention of existing vegetation is an integral part of all
development” as stated in 21.07.080, (page 7-60).
WHEREAS, the Sand Lake Community Council serves in an advisory capacity to the
Administration and Departments of the Municipality of Anchorage;
WHEREAS, we “encourage use of native plants or provide landscaping that is
compatible with the climate and natural setting of the municipality and can
provide desired effects even during harsh urban and winter conditions” as stated
in 21.07.080, A., number 7, (page 7-61);
WHEREAS; we believe this would partially restore the wooded feel to which the
neighbors are accustomed and help ease neighbors’ concerns about loss of real
estate property value. Adding back trees and vegetation would help restore the
important benefits of wooded space to buffer noise and wind, attract birds and
other wildlife promoting a healthy green space environment; it would also help
with cleansing of the air and prevention of soil erosion as well as excessive water
This action would add to Spinell’s reputation as an Anchorage leader in
homebuilding by demonstrating their willingness to respond to the values and
concerns of long-time neighborhood residents in helping to maintain the
aesthetics compatible with the majority of the surrounding homes;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sand Lake Community Council
supports the Municipality process of following the new Title 21 rules to be
effective January 2016 by requesting that Spinell Builders add this “Buffer
Landscaping-L2” to each of the 5 lots/duplexes before occupancy takes place, in
accordance with the guideline details listed in Table 21.07-1 Landscaping
Specifications, (page 7-63).
------------------This is a PROPOSED Resolution