HELP Grant Checklist
Successful completion of seventeen and one-half (17-1/2) units of high school coursework that includes the College
Preparatory Curriculum approved by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and required for
admission into a state university, plus one (1) unit of art (may include one (1) unit or two (2) one-half (1/2) units) from the
approved Mississippi Department of Education Arts-Visual and Performing series, and one (1) additional advanced elective
unit, which may include Foreign Language II.
Required College Prep Curriculum
English (4 Carnegie Units)
_____ English I
_____ English II
_____ English III
_____ English IV
Math (3 Carnegie Units)
_____ Algebra I
_____ Algebra II
_____ Geometry
_____ Approved Math Course _____________________
_____ Approved Math Course _____________________
Science (3 Carnegie Units) *two courses must be lab-based
_____ Biology I
_____ Advanced Chemistry
_____ Chemistry
_____ Advanced Biology
_____ Physics
_____ Advanced Physics
_____ Physical Science
_____ Human Anatomy
_____ Approved Science _________________
_____ Approved Science _________________
Social Studies (3 Carnegie Units)
_____ World History
_____ US Government (1/2)
_____ US History
_____ Economics (1/2) or Geography (1/2)
Advanced Electives (2 Carnegie units) *one must be Foreign Language or World Geography
_____ Foreign Language I
_____ World Geography
_____ 4th year lab-based Science
_____ 4th year Mathematics
_____Computer Applications (1/2 Carnegie Unit)
Algebra I, Foreign Language, Mississippi Studies, or Computer Applications taken prior to high school will be accepted for
admission provided the course content is the same as the high school course.
Additional Requirements
Arts (1 Unit or two (2) one-half units)
_____ Visual or Performing Arts Course ________________________
Art studio, band, ceramics, dance, drawing, choral, instrumental, music, theory, painting, photography,
strings, theatre, visual arts, voice
Additional Advanced Elective (1 Unit)
_____ Foreign Language II
_____ Advanced Elective _________________
_____ Advanced Elective _________________