South Asia PPT Presentation Notes

South Asia
Big Idea: Combinations
Combinations of climate factors and landforms give this region some agricultural advantages but cause difficult transportation and cultural isolation.
Shared rivers and religious differences between countries cause tensions and disputed borders.
Population, transportation, and education have given this region advantages in today’s economy.
Slides 1-8:
Geography of South Asia
Slides 9- 16:
Climate and Effects
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Teacher Notes/Questions
Land Color
Water Names
Texas size and latitude
Tropic of Cancer
Great overview of the geography of South Asia.
Why are the Himalayas the highest mountain rage in
the world?
Jan wind and rain
July wind and rain
What is a monsoon?
How do the mountains affect the climate in South
What makes travel so difficult in this region?
Objectives: The student will be able to:
Slides 17-18: Cultural
What factors helped exaggerate the cultural
isolation of this region?
Slides 19-21: Agricultural
Slides 22-28: Religious
Differences and
Partitioning Problems
Slides 29-31: South Asia
Rivers and Tributaries
Volcanic Soil
Hindus 1909
Muslims 1909
Rivers and Tributaries
Country Borders
Disputed area
What geographic conditions helped agriculture?
What happened in Europe that encouraged
colonization of South Asia?
What are the two major religions in this region?
After independence, partitioning looked primarily
at religious differences, and did not pay as much
attention to economic regions, control of water,
or language
What advantages does South Asia today have in the
world economy?
Describe the size, location and shape of
South Asia
Compare the size and location of Texas
and South Asia
Explain plate tectonics and some
consequences at work in South Asia
Describe the conditions that are
responsible for the Indian monsoon
Describe the seasonal differences in
South Asia
Explain the existence of the desert in the
northwest area
Explain why the ranges of mountains
to the northeast are parallel
Describe the “natural fence” around
South Asia
Describe the factors which made South
Asian cities wealthy 1000 years ago
Describe the geographic conditions that
made cotton a profitable crop
Explain why England needed South Asia
Name the two major religions and
describe their locations
Describe how factors ignored by
partitioning are causing disputes
Describe two factors giving South Asia
advantage in the hi-tech field