Online Learner Contract 2015-2016

Allen East Digital Academy
Learners enrolled through the Allen East Digital Academy and planning to complete their coursework online
from an off-site location must adhere to the following stipulations. Unwillingness or inability to follow these
guidelines could lead to removal from the online program. Although online coursework offers many
opportunities to students, it requires strong self-motivation and diligence to complete the required work.
1. Students must make an appropriate amount of progress in each online course as outlined by the
semester pace guide. Pace and progress are monitored weekly.
2. Online learners falling more than a week behind in any online course will be required to keep
appointments in the supervised computer lab provided by Allen East. Attendance in the lab will
continue until the student has maintained an acceptable amount of progress. Missing mandated
appointments will result in unexcused absences. When appointments are mandated, all student
policies regarding attendance and absences apply.
3. Students will spend an average of an hour online daily per online course. Students may take more
or less time depending on their individual pace. Meeting weekly progress goals will be enforced
and students may need to spend more time online to reach these goals.
4. Online learners will be held to high standards of academic honesty. It is important that the
integrity of the coursework and program continues. Should the online teachers and/or the
coordinator of the Allen East digital academy suspect academic dishonesty, we withhold the right
to change the enrollment option, require online courses to be completed inside our lab during
school hours, or any other penalty leading up to and including withdrawal from the program.
If you can agree to the conduct outlined above, please continue by completing and submitting the following
contract to be filed with the coordinator:
___________________________________ will enroll in the AEDA on __________________. Students are
required to completed a block of work in three weeks or less, and must spend enough time online to meet
those deadlines.
Students enrolling with the online option must have access to a working internet connection and a reliable
computer equipped with the software required to run the coursework. If the status of the necessary
equipment changes, parents/guardians will should notify the coordinator immediately so appropriate
adjustments to the schedule and/or enrollment status can be made. A document listing required basic
software is included in your enrollment packet.
If a student is enrolling online more than one week after the start of the semester, the student will be
responsible for logging in additional hours until the student has reached the appropriate progress mark. The
number of weeks permissible to progress to the appropriate place in the semester coursework will be
determined by the coordinator and outlined below.
The above-mentioned student is enrolling in digital courses __________ weeks after the start of
semester ______ in the school year ___________. Due to the late enrollment, the student will
be allowed ______ weeks to catch up to the semester progress mark. This student is required
to be at the appropriate progress mark in the semester no later than
It is important that students at Allen East continue in an educational environment that allows them to succeed
as learners. To ensure that all students at Allen East are in an appropriate learning environment, the
enrollment of online students will be evaluated at the end of each semester. The ability of students to make
progress online, to stay intrinsically motivated to complete their coursework while unsupervised by a
classroom teacher, to complete coursework with integrity and academic honesty, and to uphold commitments
to the digital academy regarding appointments and course requirements will all be considered when
enrollment options are evaluated. It is understood that all decisions will be made with the best intentions for
each Allen East student.
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