Client Letter 1

Newspaper Article Disease “X”
A new disease has broken out in the tiny country of Malawi. The disease currently
identified as “X” is threatening to escape the confines of this tiny country and spread
throughout the world. Disease 'X' appears to be a viral mutation of RSV, or Respiratory
Syncytial Virus. Epidemiologists from the Centers for Disease Control are reaching out
to schools for help in developing an effective treatment. Dr. Richard Silvers of the CDC
stated ”schools are a new resource the CDC is using to collate data on new infectious
diseases”. He further stated "the citizens should be aware of symptoms and the order in
which they occur.
The symptoms are as follows: Reduced appetite, runny nose, fever, coughing and
wheezing, fluid build-up in their lungs, and difficulty breathing.
As the disease progresses, those afflicted may experience heart failure, stroke, and are
at a high risk of death.
The CDC urges people to contact their physician if any of these symptoms are
occurring. The CDC further issued a statement urging people not to travel to Malawi as
they might be exposed, and become a carrier of the disease. The people of Malawi are
being asked not to leave their country until the disease is contained.
Alert Notice Center for Disease Control
Dear Students,
The CDC needs your help. A new viral outbreak has occurred and has the
potential to spread throughout the world. Please look at the data provided and advise
the CDC whether vaccine, quarantine, homeopathy, or treatments would be the best
choice to stop the outbreak. Your job is to provide us with a method to choose the best
option and rank the alternatives from best to worst. It is a matter of extreme importance
that you clearly list your procedure, so we may save as many lives as possible. It is
urgent you respond as soon as possible as diseases may mutate and we need your
solution before this occurs. The CDC needs a unanimous consensus from your
evaluation team in order to gain governmental approval of your treatment plan.
Thanks in advance for your quick response. In appreciation for your help, if the
CDC chooses your action plan, we will allow your team to name the disease. Please
include your name for the disease in your response.
Richard Silvers PhD.
Center for Disease Control