Practice for 5.4-5.6 quiz Name: 5.4 -

Practice for 5.4-5.6 quiz
5.4 --Pg 243
1.) Name the following form of an equation of a line: Ax + By =C__________________________
Give an example of the this form_____________________________
2.) Explain what integers are and give examples:____________________________________________
2.) Write an equation in standard form with integer coefficients for:
3.) Write in standard form an equation of the line that passes through the given point and has the given
slope. Use integer coefficients. (3,4) , m = -4
Section 5.5 pg 298
4.) You would like to record a song in a music studio. It costs an initial fee of $60 plus $100 per hour.
The linear model for this situation relates the total cost of a song “y” , with the number of hours spent in
the studio ‘x”.
1. what number corresponds to the slope?
2. What number corresponds to the y int?
3. Use the slope and y-intercept to write a linear model.(slope in form) (#4 next pg)
4. Use the linear model to find the cost of recording for 5 hrs.
5.) if you had $860 to spend for how many hours could you record?
Section 5.6
6.) What angle must be present for lines to be perpendicular?___________________
Determine if the lines are perpendicular: Show work to prove your answer
7.) y = x + 4 , y = x – 4
8.) y= x – 7, y = -2x