Applied Skills 7 - Foods Name_______________ HPSS – Mrs. S

Applied Skills 7 - Foods
HPSS – Mrs. S. Armstrong 2014/15
Date ______ Blk. _____
1. Introduction:
Course outline
Room tour - scavenger hunt
2. Foodsafe:
Handwashing (video & activity with disclosure cream)
Sanitation fill-in-the-blanks
3. Safety:
Accident Prevention
4. Demonstration: Quesadillas
Lab Procedures & Accident Prevention
5. Lab:
QUIZ on Safety & Sanitation
6. Demonstration: Fruit Smoothies
Calcium & Teens: Bone Zone DVD
7. Demonstration: Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Yogurt dressing
Proper knife handling skills
8. Lab: Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Yogurt Dressing
9. Demonstration: Chinese Vegetable Noodle Soup
Quiz: safety and sanitation, measuring, calcium
10. Lab:
Chinese Vegetable Noodle Soup
11. Dem: Roasted Broccoli & Orange Glazed Carrots
Parts of the Plant; DVD on Broccoli
12. Lab: Roasted Broccoli & Orange Glazed Carrots
13. Measuring:
demonstrate proper techniques
notes on measuring & worksheet
14. Demo: Crunchy Branola Bars
a. Fiber pamphlet
15. Lab: Crunchy Branola Bars
16. Demonstration: Breakfast Burrito
video: The Extraordinary Egg
17. Lab:
Breakfast Burrito
Food Labelling
18. Demonstration:
19. Lab:
Stove Top Mac & Cheese
QUIZ on labeling & eggs
Stove Top Mac & Cheese
20. Demonstration: Apple Crisp
DVD “Good Eats: Apple Family Values”
21. Lab:
Apple Crisp
SUPPLIES REQUIRED: (Bring to ALL classes.)
a. Dark pen or pencil (I will NOT mark work written in light color or red ink.)
b. Hair elastic or clip for hair longer than your collar. Hair nets, optional
This course consists of theory, demonstrations, labs, quizzes and tests.
a. Assignments:
30% - complete notes and worksheets
b. Tests & Quizzes:
c. Practical Labs:
40% - participation in cooking & clean up
***Bonus Assignments: can get “credit” for cooking at home! Up to 5% higher grade! Pick up
details from Mrs. Armstrong!
Attendance for a demonstration is necessary in order to participate in the lab. All assignments
must be handed in, as well. If absent for the demonstration, students may come in PRIOR to the
class to catch up OR spend the lab class to complete work, help with clean up and make up the
lab at home. Make up labs are for EXCUSED absences only.
Punctuality is important. Late students may not participate in the lab. To be “on time” is
defined as: ready to start lab with recipe, apron, work completed, hands washed, sitting
quietly at your table when the bell goes.
Make up labs: for excused absences. Students have up to two weeks to prepare the recipe at
home. Students bring a small sample to school (perhaps as part of their lunch?) and have
parent/guardian evaluate and sign a “Make Up Lab Evaluation Form”
Note to Parents: please remember to phone in absences to the school. Feel free to contact me
with any questions or concerns – keep in touch! Stay involved in your son/daughter’s education.
Hope to meet you at the parent/teacher nights! I use, so you can check any
time on your son/daughter’s progress.
Please email me: [email protected] OR return this form, signed.
“I have reviewed the course outline and policies for Foods 7 with my son/daughter.”
Student Name ___________________________________
contact email:
Food Allergies or Diet Restrictions? ______________________________________
Questions/Concerns/Comments? _______________________________________