Honors College Missouri State University Special Topics Courses

Honors College
Missouri State University
Special Topics Courses
The Honors College offers a variety of discussion-intensive, interdisciplinary, special topics
courses for freshmen, juniors, and seniors. Annual offerings vary, but here are some examples of
the themes that have been offered recently.
Alcohol & Society
Art as Revolution
Business Ethics: The Many Shades of Gray
Communication Ethics & Leadership
Creativity & Dissent: Music & Art as Social Opposition
Dance in Society
Disability in Drama, Dance, & Film
Disney-Pixar Films: Punishing Play
Education & Modern Culture
Ethics & Modern Sport
The Experience of Language
Gender & Communication
The History of Piracy in the Americas
The Inquisition & Religious Intolerance
Interrogating Empathy: How Verbal & Physical Expressions Influence Understanding
Law, Space, & Memory in Ancient Israel
Mayan Culture & Religion
Negotiation, Mediation, & Arbitration
Personalized Medicine
Political Theatre & the Representation of Social Change
Political Violence in Early America
Prohibition in America, 1919-1933
Robber Barons, Populists, & Progressives
Sustainability in Practice & Action
The Ultimate Quest - The Search for the Holy Grail
Western Humanism: Ancient Greece-Modern Era