Christchurch PTE Leadership ELN Actions and Goals 1.Actions

Christchurch PTE Leadership
ELN Actions and Goals
1.Actions (How)
Human Resources and Professional Learning
 A record of staff qualifications of L&N
 Allow time and reosurces for staff to develop their skills
 Need to review PD plan
 To get tutor buy in to gain NCALNE(Voc) qualification
 Staff need to be aware of own needs(non-judgemental)
Goals (what)
Human Resources and Professional Learning
 Processes for ongoing ELN PD are developed
 To allocate time for staff to develop L&N resources
 All relevant staff have NCALNE(Voc) or higher
 To establish and communicate processes for LN dissemination
 To establish a record of staff qualifications and experience in ELN
 TO provide ongoing teaching PD to encourage and support tutors in AT, ILPs, and ELN
2.Actions (How)
Curriculum development
 Have an LN objective at programme level
 Update policies to include LN objectives
 Need to know where learners are at
 Involving LN specialist in programme development
 Provide time for resource development
Goals (what)
Curriculum development
 To define, create, prepare and review LN objectives for each programme and include these
in policies
3.Actions (How)
Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
 Write a committed strategy and organisational plan
 Senior leader to embrace LN development
 Redefine some organisational roles in conjunction with management team
 Review and monitor process we put in place to see how we progressing
 Schedule time make regular spaces in meetings for LN
 Communicate ideas. Inform action. Visit sites, ftf, emails, webinars. A culture we all embrace
Goals (What)
Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
 To write and ELN strategy and organisational plan
 To raise awareness of ELN in organisation by………………………..
 To write an ELN communication plan
 A senior manager who has overall responsibility for ELN is appointed and job description
 To review organisational roles from and ELN perspective
 To ensure a communication plan/process is in place so all stakeholders are included(made
aware) ..this goal could be in communication area
4.Actions (How)
Teaching Learning and Assessment
 Provide learner with ability to self-assess
 Showing learners importance of LN
 Helping learners and tutors identify strengths, achievements etc
 Create resources that support LN
 Teaching, pre-teaching LN strategies
 Feedback to LN resource developers
Goals (What)
Teaching Learning and Assessment
 LN aims and outcomes of programmes and courses are clearly identified, documented and
communicated to learners and tutors
 To identify LN opportunities in programmes
 Programme demands are clearly articulated
 LN aims are clearly documented in programmes and student evaluations
 Value evidence to all stakeholders(tutors, learners, governance, employers).eg case studies,
stories. (This goal could be in communication area or outcomes)
5. Actions (How)
Policies and Procedures
 Write policies and procedures
 Regular reviews of how they are working
 Use our health and safety committee meeting as a model for LN meetings
 Raising awareness and communicating
Goals (What)
Policies and Procedures
 To develop a ELN strategy/policy to raise the awareness of staff, employers, community,
governing body through the development of a ELN strategy
 LN strategy developed and communicated
 ELN incorporated in all relevant policies and procedures
 All policies and procedures reviewed and evaluated
 An operational plan with ELN targets is developed. Targets are communicated and
6. Actions (How)
 Ensure the board understands relationship between LN and student achievement
 Funding to support
 Induction of new staff, buddy system
 Whole organisation understanding of ELN through seminars, workshops, meetings,
demonstrations, stories, case studies, videos (all stakeholders)
 Staff aware of vision and strategy in relationship to their role. Personalsie it. Not a one off
Goals (What)
 To have a communication plan in place to increase LN awareness and value of LN to all
stakeholders(governing body, staff, students, employers, community)
 To develop an induction system which support LN development(this goal could sit in the HR
and PL area)
To provide value evidence across whole organisation eg stories, case studies.
Vision and strategy developed and communicated to all staff
To communicate ELN funding and reporting requirements to all staff