Circle a,b or c

Circle a,b or c
Example: My name_______David.
a) am b) is c) are
1. Today is______________than yesterday.
a) cold b) more cold c) colder
2. My sister is__________than me.
a) prettyer b) prettier c) more pretty
3. A Porsche is________than a Seat.
a) expensiver b) more expensive c) most expensive
4. What’s river in the world?
a) the longest b) the longer c) longest
5. This is___________restaurant I know.
a) the better b) the goodest c) the best
6. People say rugby is____________sport.
a) the dangerous b) the more dangerous
c) the most dangerous
7. Sch _____________learn Spanish.
a) ’d like to b) likes c) like to
8.____________to go skiing?
a) Would you like b) Do you lika c) You would like
9. My brother speaks French_____________
a) very good b) very well c) very goodly
10. The Americans don’t drive very
a) fast b) fastly c) faster
Example: I’m English.I’m from London.
11. Martin is taller ________James.
12. Russian is difficult, but Chinese is _________difficult.
13. She’s the________intelligent girl in the class.
14. Everest in the highest mountain___________the world.
15. She_________like to go up in a ballon. She hates flying.
16. A) Would you like to drive a Ferrari?
B) Yes I’d love_____________.
17._______________you like cooking?
18._______________you like to learn to cook well?
19.You speak very fast. Can you speak more_____________, please?
20. I can’t understand him. He speaks English very_______________.
a) Write the opposite comparative.
Example: hotter
1. richer__________
2. smaller__________
3. cheaper___________
4. sadder_____________
5. better_______________
b) Write the opposite superlative.
Example: the biggest the smallest
6. the coldest____________
7. the most difficult_________
8. the worst________________
9. the shortest_______________
10. the ugliest_________________
c) Write the opposite adverb.
Example: healthily unhealthily
11. slowly____________
12. loudly______________
13. well_________________
14. safely_________________
d) Complete with one word.
15. A) What’s the______________like?
B) It’s hot and sunny.
16. It_____________a lot in Siberia in the winter.
17. It was very___________last night. Some trees fell down.
18. If you want to pass the exam, you need to work____________.
19. This is a present_____________you.
20. He’d like to learn to____________a plan.