Industries Served

Industries Served
Cronin Movers Specialist Services have been provided to many of the leading blue chip
organisations in sectors such as Pharmaceutical and Chemical, Power Generation, Printing, Food
and Beverage, Glass, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Packaging and Paper, Environmental
Industries, Laboratory and Medical Equipment as well as partnering with many Engineering
Companies on major projects.
Engineering/Construction Industry Support
Pharmaceutical And Chemical
Requirements of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries are extremely high with demands on
Health and Safety, Quality and Cleanliness from support Companies essential in this sector.
Installations of everything from clean room equipment to large vessels, reactors, water purification
equipment, boilers, air handling units, fillers and processing and packaging lines require complete
adherence to quality practices. Our experience in this sector is vast and we have helped most of
the major plants in Ireland with process change and installation.
Commercial and Retail
Airports, Port Terminals, Railway Stations, Retail Parks, Hospitals, Hotels, Office Blocks,
Universities and Manufacturing Facilities to name but a few, often require complex and challenging
installations. Support infrastructures with installations of equipment which can include walkways
and conveyors, escalators and lifts, electrical and mechanical service rooms and pump rooms all
of which require precise planning for either new build or equipment change. Cronin Movers
specialises in helping companies meet these challenges safely.
Power Generation
Every industry requires a large element of energy and power generation to sustain its output. Our
expertise in moving and positioning the sometimes very heavy components involved, from
transformers and generators through to turbine and hydro power plant equipment has helped our
customers achieve their project deadlines in challenging environments. We have often tracked
equipment “under the wire” where disruption to power supply was not an option. Our experienced
riggers combined with our comprehensive collection of specialized moving tackle, has made the
difference to our customers achieving a safe project delivery to schedule.
Medical And Laboratory
Medical and Laboratory equipment requires a special skills set for moving and installation. Cronin
Movers has helped with the installation of countless pieces and sets of equipment in this sector.
This has included installing everything from large scanners and treatment machines into hospitals
to analytical laboratory and test equipment. This often necessitates moving equipment into
buildings through extremely tight access points including window removal and craning in through
roofs and internal hoisting and tracking to final position. The very heavy, fragile and valuable
nature of this equipment and the consequential implications require very careful planning and a
unique dedication to doing it right the first time – every time.
Food And Beverage
Installation and equipment changes for age, processing or packaging reasons all form part of the
essential support services that manufacturers require. We understand the hygiene requirements
and critical nature of the line process involved, and we have gained many years experience in this
sector. We use this valuable knowledge to help with cost effective solutions, from a simple
equipment change, right up to complete plant relocations. Sophisticated process equipment,
including, everything from raw materials handling through to liquid and powder filling machines
and packaging equipment, all require industry expertise for relocation or installation. Our
temporary dedicated resource allows our customers concentrate on their business while we do the
Glass And Bottling
From hot end through to finished product glass bottle and container manufacturing equipment
needs change out and rebuilding every number of years; refractory linings on furnaces wear out