Colwyn_Borough Municipal Services Committee_Report_10-9-14


Colwyn Borough Municipal Services Committee

221 Spruce Street, Colwyn, Pennsylvania 19023

Fred Lesher, Chair Municipal Services Committee Report – October 9, 2014 Highway Department

      Our equipment is now ready for snow removal. We have received 100 tons of salt, so we are ready for the first snow. We still have one more truck that needs work to install the plow, this will be done next week. Our Ford 250 truck went into the shop for repairs last month and installed a new battery. However, the same truck broke down today, and when the shop looked at the battery, someone had switched batteries! A police report has been filed. Let this be a warning to anyone who attempts to tamper with our vehicles – they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Street lights are being repaired and upgraded to LED lights when possible. We replaced the street light at the John Bosacco Park which lights up the parking lot nicely now. Please report any lights that are out or in need of repair. We installed a new gate at the site of the former Colwyn Swim Club with no trespassing signs in place. We saved several hundred dollars as our Highway Department and Dan Rutland installed the gate themselves. This week the Mayor reported a large open hole at the old swim club – that was an open storm sewer approximately 20 feet deep. That sewer is now covered and not hazardous. The property is restricted as there are other hazards such as sink holes so please stay off the property. 

End of Report

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