Subject: Separate Science GCSE’s
Year Group: 11 G & H
Assessments What and When?
Students will continue to work through the Additional
Science Units of each of the GCSE courses.
Biology: Organisms and the Environment/Enzymes
Chemistry: Rate of reaction/Electrolysis
Physics: Work, Energy and Momentum/Current
Synoptic assessment W/B - 22/09/14
Week 1:
Biology: B2.2 Organisms in the environment review
Chemistry: C2.4 effect of catalysts
Physics: P2.3 Energy and Work
Week 2:
Biology: B2.3 Enzymes/Proteins
Chemistry: C2.4 Energy and reactions
Physics: P2.3 Gravitational Potential Energy
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Rate of reaction2
Week 3:
Biology: B2.3 Factors affecting enzyme action
Chemistry: C2.1 review of bonding ionic, covalent & metallic
Physics: P2.3 Kinetic Energy
Past paper question
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Week 4:
Biology: B2.3 Enzymes in Digestion
Chemistry: C2.2 properties and structure ionic & simple covalent
Physics: P2.3 Momentum
Week 5:
Biology: B2.3 Speeding up digestion
Chemistry: C2.5 properties and structure giant covalent &
Physics: P2.4 Electrical Charges
Week 6:
Biology: B2.3 Making use of enzymes
Chemistry: C2.5 properties and structure plastics & nanoscience
Physics: P2.4 Electrical Currents
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Homework booklet

Y11 Separate Sciences