Services Department Report

Services Department Report- Senior Centre, Park Close, Sallynoggin
1. Architects & Culture
The development as proposed to construct a multi-function Senior Citizen Centre on the site of the
previously removed Senior Citizen Centre adjacent to the existing Sallynoggin Youth Centre. The
existing entrance to the site remains as the entrance to the new facility.
Site & Location:
The site is located off Park Close Road beside the road junction with Pearse Road, Sallynoggin.
Opposite the site to the North is a church. The existing Youth Centre is to the East further East within
easy walking distance of the site are the shops and a school.
Site Zoning:
The site is located on lands zoned Objective ‘A’- To protect and /or improve residential amenity. The
surrounding land is also zoned ‘Objective ‘A’
Description of the proposed Part 8 Development
This is a one storey new building linked to the existing Youth Centre to create a combined facility for
use by all or for standalone use as a Senior Citizen Centre with its own entrance and facilities.
These facilities include a large multifunction hall with sprung floor, an entrance hall and storage
space, one disabled WC, a kitchen, office, external relaxation area and closed in bin storage shed.
The south facade opens up to the external relaxation area. The west façade connects to the Youth
Centre via a link corridor connection both facilities.
The total area of the building is 158 square meters.
There are six proposed disabled parking bays on this site and 5/8 bicycle stands located at the
entrance to the site.
It is important that the proposal included for good quality landscaping, paving and to include for
planting and semi-mature trees incorporating bench seating to the front and seating to the south
facing rear relaxation area to maximize the open amenity area of the users for realization and social
2. Planning and Enterprise Department
Proposal to construct a multi-functional Senior Citizen Centre on the site of the previously removed
Senior Citizen Centre immediately adjacent to the existing Sallynoggin Community Centre. The site is
zoned “Objective A”, ‘to protect and/or improve residential amenity’. The proposed use is
considered acceptable since a Community Facility is ‘Open for Consideration’ under this land use
objective, the proposed development replaces a like centre use, and the facility will provide a
valuable service to the local community.
The Planning Department provided comments on an earlier design proposal in June 2014. The
building design has now been slightly amended with regard to its area (reduced from 175m2 to
158m2), number of W.C.’s (reduced from two to one) and finishes.
The proposed building (a stated 158m2 in extent) is 5.9 meters (m) in height with a 2.4m high
corridor linking to the Youth Centre. It will comprise of an office, accessible toilet, kitchen, store and
multi-functional hall (122m2). The annotated proposed external finishes include: Render or cement
panel finish (white/cream colour to match the existing building, which will be appointed the same
colour) for the walls, thermally broken double glazed windows and a profiled sheeted eaves/roof
finish with the insertion of solar panels. While the Youth Centre is not particularly distinctive, regard
is had to designing a structure which attempts to ‘marry’ the two buildings. It is important that the
proposed finishes and colours for the new build contributes to creating a cohesiveness of sorts.
It is considered that given the positioning of the proposed development on the site, the proposed
height and extent of the building, the proposed Centre will not have a negative impact on the
residential amenities in the area and is in accordance with the proper planning and sustainable
development of the area.
3. Transportation Department
No objections to the proposal.
4. Water Services Section
No objections to the proposal.
5. Parks Department:
No objections to the proposal.
6. A-A Screening Report:
No objections to the proposal.
7. Environmental Services
No objections to the proposal.