Tucson Stained Glass,wants to "Jingle Your Bells" Rock You `Round

Tucson Stained Glass,wants to "Jingle Your Bells" Rock You 'Round The Christmas Tree" "Deck The Halls"
& Basically have one more, Super, Duper "Holiday Bonus Sale"!
Before I get into those juicy details, I have an update on our Food Drive... in 21 days you donated 206
lbs. of food. That's an average of almost 10 lbs. per day!! We have the best, giving, kind, & caring
customers! Thank you all for helping out! As many may know, we have started a new box, which will get
picked up on Monday and it is crammed full!!! BUT.... I want more!! :) So..... this Friday the 20th &
Saturday the 21st, we having our all time, almost famous, "CASH RULES" Sale Days!!
Here are the fussy, but important particulars....
All discounts will be as follows and ONLY for two days, during regular store hours. Okay, here it is... not
only are we having a sale, but with a FOOD DONATION, you will get a more better discount....
*Hard, Cold, Cash = 25% off, w/ donation = 30% off
*Check or Debit = 20% off, w/ donation = 25% off
*Credit Card = 15% off, w/ donation = 20% off
See, CASH RULES! So, even though this is last minute, it will be good for the soul and fun!!
AND, just 'cause I can, I will be planning torturous "Cash Only" deals! For instance, there is 1) Taurus 3
Ring Saw left, was $399.95.... it is now $375.00 N.F.D. Once it is gone, the replacement stock price will
be going up! The Inland Special Value Grinder Packs that are already @25% off, will qualify for the extra
discount! I might even get super happy with the Fusers Reserve Packs!! So, come in, hear Christmas
carol's, say "Hi" to the fishes and make our food box overflow!!!
On another topic, I am getting schedules together for next years classes! I will update the website as I
go, then "Bazinga" the newsletter will get out! It has been a fun and interesting year. From all of us here,
to all of you "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year"!
Holiday Hours: December 24th 10 am – 3 pm, December 25
December 31st 10 am – 3 pm, January 1st, 2014 CLOSED