2013-2014 Head Start Annual Report

Head Start Annual Report
Note from Director:
The Head Start’s free child development program has served over 10,000 plus children in
Belmont County over the course of its 49 year history by introducing them to skills such as
identifying colors and shapes, math, science, language, and literacy development and social
When Community Action Commission was established in 1965 the Martins Ferry Head
Start program became one of our programs except they were run by the City and they were
known as a delegate agency. They would submit their budget proposal to be submitted to our
grantee’s budget to the regional office in Chicago. The Martins Ferry Head Start program served
45 preschool aged children, who also received breakfast and lunch. Community Action
Commission of Belmont County currently is a grantee Agency for Head Start and no longer has
delegate agencies.
USDA funding has enabled Head Start to provide nutritionally substantial lunches and
snacks to program participants. The importance of proper nutrition for children cannot be
overstated, and USDA funding ensures that Head Start participants receive a nourishing mid-day
Family participation is a core component of Head Start, and Head Start offers parents the
opportunity to develop and implement Family Partnership Agreements that describes the
family’s goals, responsibilities, timetable, and strategies for achieving set goals. 82% of our
families participated in a Family Partnership Agreement.
Many parents of Head Start children are generous with their time and volunteer to help
the program achieve its goals. There are a wide variety of volunteer activities available and the
services and goods that volunteers provide are crucial to the ongoing success of the program.
Head Start staff members are well qualified and diligent in their efforts to get the
maximum benefit possible from our funding sources, but it is only with the support and
cooperation of the families involved that Head Start has been able to serve the community for so
long. With the great partnership with our County agencies and the support and interest from the
community we will be able to proudly serve the community for decades to come.
Shirley Johnson-Mallory
Head Start Director/Assistant Director
Agency Mission Statement:
The Community Action Commission is dedicated to fostering self-reliance in individuals,
families, and communities. For over 40 years, CAC has focused its effort on helping low-income
residents overcome poverty, its causes and consequences.
Head Start Philosophy:
It is a basic philosophy that people can be influenced by the world in which they find themselves.
If the environment is lacking in any area, such as health, nutrition, education, etc. then full
growth cannot occur.
Therefore, we at Community Action Commission of Belmont County Head Start desire to
provide to the children, parents, staff and community a program that supports growth and
development for the ages and stages of all those involved. By providing a broad range of
services, experiences, training and support a person involved can grow into a more confident,
secure, healthy and experienced human being.
Grant Revenue:
$452,481.00 (portion of the amount was waived)
Technical Assistance:
Federal Monitoring and Financial Audit:
The most recent federal review of Belmont County’s Head Start Program was conducted in
2012, no deficiencies were found. Zeno, Pockl, Lilly, and Copeland concluded conformity with
account principles and grant requirements.
Kindergarten Readiness:
Community Action Commission of Belmont County Head Start prepares children for
kindergarten by providing a foundation for a lifetime of learning. This consists of the following:
Pre-admission interview with families to inform parents of rights and responsibilities
Conducts two Home Visits to build a relationship that embraces learning and fosters
parents as primary educator
Assist families in establishing a medical home and encourage regular child well visits
Families participate in an Open House to familiarize the children and parents to the
classroom and staff
Developmental screenings are completed on each child including a social/emotional
Children identified with delays are referred to the local school district for an evaluation
and services are provided if needed
Every classroom provides a safe, fun learning environment
Credentialed Teachers use the High Scope Curriculum
Activities are individualized based on age and developmental level
School readiness goals are tracked using Galileo, the ongoing assessment tool. Progress reports
are compiled three times throughout the school year and are continuously monitored throughout
the child’s enrollment.
Child outcome data for the 2013/2014 school year indicates one hundred percent of the children
who will enter kindergarten progressed in the areas of math, language and literacy.
Developmental Level (DL) scores for early math goals increased 88 points. DL scores for
language goals increased 107 points and DL scores for literacy goals increased 107 points.
Children are not only prepared academically but emotionally through transition activities
including kindergarten visits, stories and conversation on what to expect in the upcoming year.
Parent Involvement Activities:
Head Start believes that engaging families in their preschool children’s daily lives improves their
kindergarten readiness skills. There were 241 families enrolled in the 2013 – 2014 school year.
During the year, Head Start parents were engaged in the program a total of 7,667 hours.
The Head Start staff along with families provided the children with learning activities that not
only supported their child’s growth, but also supported the program. Activities that the families
participated in are: classroom field trips, walking for literacy, individualized home activities,
after hour celebrations, community activities, decorating doors and bulletin boards, classroom
helpers, movie nights, parent initiated classroom activities, maintaining center library, read/tell
stories, planning and organizing end of the year events and much more.
2013-14 School Year Statistics from Parent Information Report (PIR):
Total number of children enrolled:
Total number of families served:
Average monthly enrollment:
Student Information:
With health insurance
Enrolled in Medicaid
With private insurance
With no health insurance
Have continuous accessible health care
Diagnosed with a chronic condition
Those with a chronic condition receiving medical treatment
Hearing Difficulties 1
Vision Problems
High Lead Levels
Up to date on immunizations
Healthy weight
With continuous accessible dental care
Completed a professional dental exam
Children with an Individual Education Program
Speech/Language impairments
Non-categorical/developmental delay
Children receiving bus transportation
Family Information:
Number of working parents
Number of homeless families
Number of families receiving TANF
Families receiving SSI
Families receiving WIC
Families receiving SNAP
Parents with a BA or higher degree
Parents with an AA degree
Parents with High School Diploma or GED
Parents less than a high school graduate
Parents in job training or school