ground zero defence institute paper no. 3

I am participating A/ in the two miles race B/
tomorrow morning. C / no error D
The sum and substance A/ of his speech B/
were essentially anti establishment . C / no
error D
When the boy committed a mistake, A/
the teacher made him to do B/ the sum
again. C / no error D
Unless the government does not revise
its policy of liberalization A/ the growth
of the indigenous technology B/ will be
adversely affected. C / no error D
Supposing if you get A/ a seat in the
plane you will not take more than two
hours to reach Mumbai. C / no error D
Whenever a person lost anything A/ the
poor folk around B/ are suspected. C /
no error D
Pooja went to her friend’s house at the
appointed hour; but A/ she was told B/
that her friend left half an hour earlier. C /
no error D
Rekha is A/ enough old B/ to get married.
C / no error D
Let us congratulate him A/ for his
success B/ in the examination. C / no
error D
The PM as well as his secretary were
expected to arrive in Chennai B/ on
Saturday morning. C / no error D
The speaker was A/ not only slow B/ but
also inaudible as well. C / no error D
Many a star A/ are B/ twinkling. C / no error
Either ram or A/ you is responsible B/ for
this action. C / no error D
By the time you arrive tomorrow A/ I have
finished B/ my work. C / no error D
The captain with the members of his
team A/ are returning B/ after a fortnight.
C / no error D
After returning from A/ an all India tour B/
I had to describe about it. C / no error D
Although they are living in the country A/
since they were married B/ they are now
moving to the town. C / no error D
Do you know A/ how old were you B/
when you came here? C / no error D
It was really smart of him A/ to have
chosen the right course, B/ isn’t it ? . C
/ no error D
The doctor advised me A/ that B/ am
going on a salt free diet. C / no error D
It can’t be true A/ that he has never done
something wrong B/ in his entire career.
C / no error D
He told A/ that his brother / was singer. C /
no error D
When we reached at the station A/ I
fought my way through people and
luggage and secured a place next to the
window. C / no error D
The managing director along with his
staff members were present A/ for B/ the
annual general body meeting. C / no
error D
If you will follow my instructions, A/ you
will definitely score high marks B/ in the
entrance examination. C / no error D
In many respects, A/ India is different B/
than western countries. C / no error D
I have met him A/ on Monday last B/ and
had a long discussion. C / no error D
It is time A/ we decide not to play cricket,
B/ for the next two years. C / no error D
He likes A/ the sceneries B/ of the hills. C
/ no error D
I did not know A/ that you have left your
handbag in our office B/ when you came
to see me last Friday. C / no error D
When the thief broke into their house, A/
they raised a hue and cry B/ and the thief
caught immediately by the people. C/ no
error. D
I have tried A/ to meet him several times
B/ he isn’t never at home. C/ no error. D
Every woman in the world A/ fervently hopes
that their child B/ will be a normal and
healthy baby. C/ no error. D
Neither of them A/ send their papers B/ in
time for the last seminar. C/ no error. D
There is not many traffic A/ along the
street B/ where I live. C/ no error. D
The police arrived and discovered A/ a
large number of hoarded sugar B/ in his
shop. C/ no error. D
Raju doesn’t come to our house because
our dog barks at him A/ and licks him B/
although I have often told him not to
afraid of it. C/ no error. D
Running across the playground, my pen
fell in the mud ; A/ fortunately, I noticed it
B/ and picked it up. C/ no error. D
The last thing that the fond mother A/
gave her only son B/ was his blessing. C/
no error. D
To his innovative ideas and practices in
farming A/ he was given B/ the Krishi
Pandit award last year. C/ no error. D
As a dramatist, A/ Shaw is superior than B/
any other 20th century writer. C/ no error. D
Molly speaks A/ French well, B/ isn’t it?
C/ no error. D
Mutton is more hard A/ to digest B/ than
vegetables. C/ no error. D
I have found that he is A/ neither willing
B/ or capable. C/ no error. D
For times immemorial, A/ sea shells have
been used by man B/ in many ways. C/ no
error. D
He will not A/ listen B/ what you say. C/
no error. D
I have done my best A/ the whole thing is
now B/ in the hands of the Gods. C/ no
error. D
This is a strange world A/ where each
one pursues their own golden bubble B/
and laughs for doing the same. C/ no
error. D
Each of the boys A/ were to blame B/ for the
accident. C/ no error. D
The candidate’s performance A/ was not
up to the mark B/ in the interview. C/ no
error. D
51. After a successful tour of Europe, A/ my
old parents returned back to India B/ on
New York’s day. C/ no error. D
52. It would be more better A/ if you could
paint B/ the gate green. C/ no error. D
53. Being his sole companion, I was the one
to who B/ he naturally looked for help. C/
no error. D
54. The principal objected A/ to them
wearing short skirts B/ at the function. C/
no error. D
55. All the players agreed to divide A/ the cash
prize between themselves B/ without any
argument. C/ no error. D
56. He is very ill A/ I am afraid B/ he is going
to die. C/ no error. D
57. The tourist did not know the local
language, A/ but he used signs to make
people understand B/ that he wanted to
reach to Darjeeling quickly. C/ no error.
58. The Vice Chancellor consulted the
students as well as the teachers A/ on
last Monday and decided B/ to reopen the
university on Friday next. C/ no error. D
59. Everybody was trying A/ to shake hand
B/ with the Minister. C/ no error. D
60. Mohan was your best friend a month ago
A/ but you now seem to B/ have broken
with him altogether. C/ no error. D
61. The ‘Akbar Nama’ A/ is among the major
historical texts B/ in the Indian past. C/
no error. D
62. Whether he is writing about a taxi driver
A/ and an interesting sketch of a women
B/ he is always at his ease. C/ no error. D
63. There will be no more supplies A/ unless
all arrears of payment B/ were cleared by
next Monday. C/ no error. D
64. He is every bit A/ as guilty B/ as I. C/ no
error. D
65. Put you in my position A/and you would
realize B/ the problems faced in my
profession. C/ no error. D
66. He asked me A/ if I know B/ where the
principal lived. C/ no error. D
67. Fish and chips A/ is my favourite B/ dish for
lunch. C/ no error. D
68. If you had A/ just hinted at your difficulty
B/ I would most certainly help you. C/ no
error. D
69. This TV serial A/ is going on B/ for 3 years.
C/ no error. D
70. It is my pleasure A/ to congratulate you
for your success B/ in the civil services
examination. C/ no error. D
71. Despite of repeated warnings A/ he touched
a live electric wire B/ and was electrocuted.
C/ no error. D
72. Neither of them A/ are going to attend B/ the
party on 10th Oct. C/ no error. D
73. I have not seen him since 20 years A /
and so I cannot say with certainty B /
whether he is alive or die. C/ no error. D
74. He walked 5 miles which are really a great
distance A / for a man like him B/ who is not
only old but also ill. C/ no error.
75. When he did not find cook in the kitchen A/
he asked his wife B/ where had he gone. C/
no error. D
76. We are proud to announce A/ that everyone
on our team has earned B/ a good name. C/
no error. D
77. Either my colleague A/ or a peon are
coming home B/ with the material today.
C/ no error. D
78. Never I asked A/ my Englishman B / how
much he earned. C/ no error. D
79. The vice chancellor of our university
urged to A/ the agitating students to
shun violence B/ and maintain peace on
the campus. C/ no error. D
80. Bread and butter A/ is B/ all we want. C/ no
error. D
81. He took A/ his younger sister B/ with
himself. C/ no error. D
82. We must work A/ very hard now B/ to
making up for the lost time. C/ no error.
83. Right from his childhood A/ he used to prefer
B/ sports than studies. C/ no error. D
84. I went to his house but A/ couldn’t see
him B/ because he went out before I
arrived. C/ no error. D
85. When I shall see him, A/ I will tell him
that B/ what he has done is wrong. C/ no
error. D
86. I look A/ forward to meet you B/ in future.
C/ no error. D
87. If I was the king, A/ I would change the
face B/ of my country. C/ no error. D
88. He asked me A/ what my name is B / and
where I came from. C/ no error. D
89. At the A / annual function of the school B /
the principal advised to the students to be
ideal citizens. C/ no error. D
90. I am seeing him A/ this evening B/ of
five. C / no error D
91. The myth that some races A/ are
naturally superior than others B/ has
now been fully demolished. C / no error
92. It is truth A/ that prevails B/ in long run.
C / no error D
93. The steep rise in the price of petroleum
products A/ have affected B/ the
economic development of the developing
nations. C / no error D
94. Kiran as well as Kamal A/ are leaving B/
for Mumbai. C / no error D
95. With the number of vehicles on the roads
going up fast A/ the traffic in all our large
cities B/ have become heavy and
hazardous. C / no error D
96. When the police approached him A/ he
held up his both hands B/ to show that
he was surrendering. C / no error D
97. She insisted to go there A/ though her
husband cautioned her B/ against it. C /
no error D
98. As I am suffering from fever since
morning A/ I shall not be able to attend
the function B / you are going to organize
this evening. C / no error D
99. To lead a well balanced life A/ you shall
have to cultivate other interests B/ beside
your professional ones. C / no error D
100. She wishes A/ that she has studied
literature instead of history B/ when she
was in college. C / no error D
101. Being a full moon night, A/ the tides were
exceptionally high B/ and the iceberg
was mistaken for thick foam. C / no error
102. His new proposal A/ seems hardly
different B/ than the one I’ve just
rejected. C / no error D
103. In most of the states A/40 % of people under
20 years B/ is undernourished. C / no error
104. Scarcely we had finished observing this,
A/ when we were surprised by about a
dozen of the old birds B/ jumping in the
most unsafe and funny manner towards
the sea. C / no error D
105. I asked A/ if she has looked everywhere
B/ and she said ‘yes’. C / no error D
106. Had I realized A/ that it was such a long
way, B/ I would take a taxi. C / no error D
107. Thank you for your invitation for lunch A/
which I am very pleased B/ to accept. C / no
error D
108. You had better hurry up, A/ if you want
to get home B/ before dark. C / no error
109. When I shall go back, A/ I shall pay off
the money B / that I borrowed from you
last month. C / no error D
110. A music and dance show have been
organized A/ to raise funds for the
orphanage B/ on the first Saturday of next
month. C / no error D
111. Both the boys A/ came late in the hall B/
and sat besides me. C / no error D
112. He took to drink A/ to lessen B/ his
mental worries. C / no error D
113. My father could lead A/ a full and happy
life B/ without spending lot of money. C /
no error D
114. All Indian radio broadcasted A/ a very
good programme B/ this morning. C / no
error D
115. There were so much cattle A/ on the road
that B/ it was difficult to drive safely. C /
no error D
116. The foreign ambassador was A/ both
noted for his charm manners B/ as well
as his wide knowledge of languages. C /
no error D
117. He refused to disclose to his friends A/
whether he will leave for England B/
immediately after finishing his studies. C
/ no error D
118. Despite of her protests A/ I decided to
buy B/ the saree which she did not like. C
/ no error D
119. The government warned the shop
keepers A/ that if they persist in charging
unfair prices B/ their licenses would be
cancelled. C / no error D
120. The famous poet and the scholar A/ Dr.
Suman has been ailing for B/ the last one
month. C / no error D
121. Oil has and A/ still is B/ in great demand.
C / no error D
122. He worked hard A/ so he might top the
list B/ and win a medal. C / no error D
123. The little show was organized A/ not only
for him B/ but for you and I as well. C /
no error D
124. I admit that some newspaper in their bid
A/ to sell more have jettisoned the high
standard B/ that the Press in India has
followed since years. C / no error D
125. All the patients A/ have been admitted B/
and received careful attention. C / no
error D
126. I cannot understand A/ why does he not
do the work B/ as instructed. C / no error
127. Both of them A/ help one another B/ in
the time of need . C / no error D
128. We had to cancel our trip to Delhi A/
because when we reached the railway
station B/ the train left. C / no error D
129. The General with over 1000 officers and
soldiers A/ have surrendered to the
Indian troops B/ who are patrolling the
valley. C / no error D
130. If he wrote the examination faster A / and
had answered one more question B/ he
would have scored better. C / no error D
131. For decades A/ there have been B/ a
debate on whether schizophrenia is a
psychological condition. C / no error D
132. We know where it begins A/ but we don’t
know B/ that where it ends. C / no error
133. Although there is virtually no production
in India A/ the ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’
estimate B/ that India has perhaps the
largest accumulated stocks of silver in
the world. C / no error D
134. Neither the severe earthquake A/ or the
subsequent famine B/ could demoralize
the people of the country. C / no error D
135. As soon as I shall reach New Delhi A/ I
shall send you the file B/ you have asked
for. C / no error D
136. All the furniture’s have been A/ replaced
by the owner of the house B/ before
shifting. C / no error D
137. His assistants have A/ and are still doing
B/ excellent work for the organization. C /
no error D
138. None of the diplomats at the conference
A/ was able either B/ to comprehend or to
solve the problem. C / no error D
139. Rather than go A/ with Amit, he B /
decided to stay at home. C / no error D
140. He always practices A/ the justice and B/
cares for moral principles. C / no error D
141. The whole block of flats A/ including two
shops were B/ destroyed in fire. C / no
error D
142. He feels his troubles A / as much or B/
even more than they. C / no error D
143. Such rules A/ do not apply to B/ you and I
. C / no error D
144. It is a A / quarter to ten B/ by my watch.
C / no error D
145. I like reading A/ more than B/ to play
games. C / no error D
146. The sum and substance A/ of this poem
B/ is as follows. C / no error D
147. The team was A/ now in the field and B/
about to take their place. C / no error D
148. Perhaps you know A/ that I have passed
B/ the examination in 1990. C / no error
149. The teacher repeatedly warned the
students A/ not make noise B/ but the
students did not obey. C / no error D
150. Teaching in this school would certainly
improve A/ if it had less boys B/ in all the
higher classes. C/ no error. D
151. In some ways, the Diwali festival
corresponds with Christmas A/ which is
celebrated with enthusiasm by the
Christians B/ all over the world. C / no
error D
152. The expert mason reported the
contractor A/ that there was no question
B/ of the wall’s falling down. C / no error
153. He went on committing crime after crime
A/ but in spite of my best efforts B/ I
could not prevent him to do so. C / no
error D
154. The population of Kolkata A/ is greater
than Delhi B/ although Delhi is the capital
of India. C / no error D
155. Though he denied his involvement in the
case A/ the fact made it clear B/ that he
had hand in the cruel murder of his
friend. C / no error D
1. B (replace ‘the’ with ‘a’)
2. C (replace ‘were’ with ‘was’)
3. B (remove ‘to’)
4. A (remove ‘does not’)
5. A (remove ‘supposing’)
6. C (replace ‘are’ with ‘were’)
7. C (had left with come)
8. B (correct use is ‘old enough’)
9. B ( ‘for’ with ‘on’)
10. A ( ‘were’ with ‘ was’)
11. C ( remove ‘as well’)
12. B (replace ‘are’ with ‘is’)
13. D
14. B ( will have)
15. B (replace ‘are’ with ‘is’)
16. C (remove ‘about’)
17. A ( replace ‘are’ with ‘have been’)
18. D
19. C (replace ‘isn’t it’ with ‘wasn’t it’)
20. C (replace ‘am going’ with ‘I will have to
21. B (replace ‘something’ with ‘anything’)
22. C ( was ‘a’ singer)
23. A (remove ‘at’)
24. A (replace ‘were’ with ‘was’)
25. A (remove ‘will’)
26. C (replace ‘than’ with ‘from’)
27. A (replace ‘have’ with ‘had’)
28. B (replace ‘decide’ with ‘decided’)
29. B (replace ‘sceneries’ with scenery)
30. B (replace ‘have’ with ‘had’)
31. C (add ‘was’ before caught)
32. C (remove ‘isn’t’)
B (replace ‘their’ with ‘here’)
B (replace ‘their’ with ‘him’)
A (remove ‘many’)
B (replace ‘number’ with ‘quantity’)
C(replace ‘have’ with ‘had’)
A (replace ‘ion’ with ‘into’)
C (replace ‘his’ with ‘her’)
B (replace ‘than’ with ‘to’)
C ( ‘it’ with ‘she’)
A ( ‘more hard’ with ‘harder’)
C ( ‘or’ with ‘nor’)
B ( ‘have’ with ‘had’)
C ( add ‘to’)
C ( ‘gods’ with ‘god’)
B ( ‘their’ with ‘his’)
B ‘were’ with ‘was’)
B ( remove ‘back’)
A ( remove ‘more’)
B ( ‘who’ with ‘whom’)
B ( ‘them’ with ‘their’)
B ( ‘between’)
C ( remove ‘to’)
C (replace ‘Friday next’ with ‘next Friday’)
B (replace ‘hand’ with ‘hands’)
B (replace ‘you now’ with ‘now you’)
C (replace ‘in’ with ‘of’)
B (replace ‘and’ with ‘or’)
C (add ‘am’ after I )
A (replace ‘you’ with ‘yourself’)
B (replace ‘know’ with ‘knew’)
B (replace ‘is’ with ‘are’)
C (replace ‘help you’ with ‘have helped’)
B (replace ‘is’ with ‘has been’)
B (replace ‘for’ with ‘on’)
A (remove ‘of’)
B (replace ‘are’ with ‘is’)
A (replace ‘since’ with ‘for’)
A (replace ‘are’ with ‘is’)
A (add ‘the’ before cook)
B (replace ‘on’ with ‘in’)
B (replace ‘are’ with ‘is’)
A (add ‘have’ before I )
C (replace ‘on’ with ‘in’)
C (remove ‘himself’ with ‘him’)
C (replace ‘making’ with ‘make’)
C (replace ‘than’ with ‘to’)
C (replace ‘went’ with ‘had gone’)
C (replace ‘is’ with ‘was’)
B (replace ‘meet’ with ‘meeting’)
A (replace ‘was’ with ‘were’)
B (replace ‘is’ with ‘was’)
C (remove ‘to’)
C (replace ‘of’ with ‘at’)
B (replace ‘than’ with ‘to’)
A (add ‘a’ before truth )
B (replace ‘have’ with ‘has’)
B (replace ‘are’ with ‘is’)
C (replace ‘have’ with ‘has’)
96. B (replace ‘his both’ with ‘both his’)
97. A (replace ‘to go’ with ‘in going’)
98. A (replace ‘am’ with ‘have been’)
99. C (replace ‘beside’ with besides’)
100. B (replace ‘has’ with ‘had’)
101. A (add ‘it’ before being)
102. C (replace ‘than’ with ‘from’)
103. C (replace ‘is’ with ‘are’)
104. A (replace ‘we had’ with ‘had we’)
105. B (replace ‘has’ with ‘had’)
106. C (replace ‘take’ with ‘have taken’)
107. A (replace ‘for’ with ‘to’)
108. A (remove ‘had’)
109. A (remove ‘shall’)
110. A (replace ‘have’ with ‘has’)
111. C (replace ‘besides’ with ‘beside’)
112. A (replace ‘drink’ with ‘drinking’)
113. B (add ‘a’ before happy)
114. A (replace ‘broadcasted’ with broadcast’)
115. A (replace ‘much’ with ‘many’)
116. B (remove ‘;both’)
117. C (add ‘or not’ after studies)
118. A ( remove ‘of’ )
119. B (replace ‘persist’ with ‘persisted’)
120. A (remove ‘the’)
121. A (replace ‘has’ with ‘had been’)
122. B (replace ‘might’ with ‘could’)
123. C (replace ‘but’ with ‘but also’)
124. C (replace ‘has’ with ‘has been’)
125. C (replace ‘received’ with are receiving’)
126. B (add ‘he’ after why)
127. B (replace ‘one another’ with ‘each
128. C (replace ‘ left’ with ‘departed’)
129. B (replace ‘have’ with ‘has’)
130. A (replace ‘wrote’ with ‘had written’)
131. B (replace ‘have’ with ‘has’)
132. C (remove ‘that’)
133. B ( add ‘yet’)
134. B (replace ‘or’ with ‘nor’)
135. A (remove ‘shall’)
136. A (replace ‘furniture’s’ with ‘furniture’)
137. A (add ‘done’ after have)
138. D
139. A (replace ‘go’ with ‘going’)
140. B (remove ‘the’)
141. C (replace ‘were’ with ‘was’)
142. B (replace ‘or’ with ‘as’)
143. C (replace ‘I’ with ‘me’)
144. A (remove ‘a’
145. C (replace ‘play’ with ‘playing’)
146. D
147. C (replace ‘their’ with ‘its’)
148. B (replace ‘have’ with ‘had’)
149. B (add ‘a’ before noise)
150. B (replace ‘less’ with ‘ few’)
151. A (remove ‘the’)
152. A (add ‘to’ after reported)
153. C (replace ‘ to do so’ with ‘from doing
154. B (add ‘that of’ after than)
155. B (add ‘yet’)