Plotting Points Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Title: What is the Point?
Concept/Topic to Teach: Plotting Points
Standards Addressed:
Alabama Mathematics 6th Grade
5.) Plot coordinates on grids, graphs, and maps.
Specific Objectives:
The students will be able to plot points on a coordinate plane given the coordinates
of the points.
The students will be able to give the coordinates of a point that are on a coordinate
Required Materials:
Paper, pencil, graph paper, Battleship board game, coloring book, computer,
portable computer lab, PlotPointer website, Sink Cap’n D gameboard, Coordinate
Plane Quiz
Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):
The teacher will ask the students if they have ever heard of the board game,
Battleship. The teacher will demonstrate how to use a grid sheet using the
Battleship game. The teacher will explain to the students the similarities between
this game and a coordinate plane.
Step-By-Step Procedures for Teaching the Lesson:
1. The teacher will introduce the lesson to the students by working several
examples on the board to the students.
2. Computers will then be distributed to all the students. The students will then
be directed to the PlotPointer website to practice their skill of plotting points.
Students will practice plotting points until they are proficient at this skill.
3. Students will then be paired up. Students will then be given a Sink Cap’n D
gameboard. Students will play a version of the game battleship using the
skills they have learned.
4. Students will then take the online assessment Coordinate Plane Quiz to
assess what they have learned.
5. Students’ work will be placed in the classroom.
Guided Practice/Monitoring:
The teacher will monitor students as they practice plotting points on the computer.
The teacher will then observe the students will they play the Sink Cap’n D game to
ensure students are writing all coordinates down correctly. The teacher will then
make sure every student takes the online quiz.
Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):
The students will then take a four minute quiz. Students will write down
everything they know about the coordinate plane using complete sentences in four
Assessment Based on Objectives:
The students will be able to plot points on a coordinate plane given the coordinates
of the points with 80% accuracy.
The students will be able to give the coordinates of a point that are on a coordinate
plane with 80% accuracy.
Adaptations (For Students With Special Needs):
For special education students, the inclusion teacher will assist the students with
using the technology. Additionally, the inclusion teacher will monitor the students
as they play the game to insure they understand the concept of the game.
Extensions (For Advanced Students):
Students who excel at plotting points will be given a sheet of graph paper and a
picture from a coloring book. Students will trace the picture onto the graph paper.
Students will be instructed to write the ordered pairs for the points that create an
outline of their picture. Students will then create a connect-the-dot by writing the
correct sequence of ordered pairs to follow on a separate sheet of paper.
Possible Connections to Other Subjects:
This lesson can be valuable in history class to read maps, graphs, and charts.
Areas for improvement –the board game would have gone better if the teacher
would have modeled how to play the game in the beginning of the assignment.
Areas of strength – the anticipatory set was definitely a strength because it grabbed
the students’ attention.
Successful strategies used – the interactive technology was very successful because
it provided instant feedback to the students which helped to build their confidence.
How they impacted student learner outcomes – the use of technology gave the
students the confidence to complete the other assignments, and with the different
variety of assignments the students stayed engaged in learning throughout the
entire lesson.