What do students know about the Coordinate Plane?

Teacher: Heather Narwich
Grade Level: 8th
I. Content and Standards
M8.C.2: Identify and/or apply concepts of transformations or symmetry. *
* This is the goal of the unit
M8.C.3.1: Plot and/or identify ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.
II. Prerequisites
Students will be familiar with the coordinate plane
III. Instructional Objective
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to
1. Plot points on a coordinate plane
2. Use new vocabulary related to the coordinate plane
3. Construct and label a coordinate plane on graph paper
IV. Instructional Procedures: BDA
Students will complete and turn in an “entrance ticket”
Notes, vocabulary, and examples will be given from Smart Board
Students will “pass the pen” and label parts of the coordinate plane on the Smart Board
Students will construct and label coordinate planes on their graph paper. Emphasis will
be on organization and neatness!
V. Materials and Equipment
“Entrance ticket”
Smart board with pre-written notes
Graph paper
VI. Assessment/Evaluation
“Entrance ticket” – not graded
Informal assessment of participation
VII. Accommodations or Modifications
Notes are printed out for students with IEPs
The Smart board will be used to give notes and examples
IX. Self-Assessment
I will collect students' entrance tickets in the beginning of class so I know which
concepts to focus on during my lesson and for future lessons