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Dictionary on Dreams, Signs and Symbols
New Book Offers the Ultimate Spiritual
Guide to Dream Interpretation
Representing one of the greatest advances in
dream, signs and symbols interpretation, the
new book THE SOURCE CODE by Kaya
(UCM/$29.95) offers over 880 pages of
interpretations of dream themes with topics
ranging from “Accidents” to “Zoo.”
Incorporating over 15 years of research and
study, readers can now understand the
profound significance of the messages received
during their sleep state and signs they
encounter in everyday life.
The Source Code Dictionary represents a
“quantum leap” in the spiritual psychology
field of dream research. Collaborating with
doctors, therapists, teachers and funded by the
non-profit organization UCM, this guide
unlocks the hidden meaning and offers a
highly advance perspective to understanding
the symbolic language revealed in our dreams.
It offers the negative and positive aspect of over 600 common symbols/scenarios
we can encounter/experience in our dreams such as flying, nudity, or various
illnesses or injuries, animals, colors and much more.
According to Kaya, “A dream is a collection of symbols, each of which has its own
precise meaning. Thanks to our dreams, we can visit regions of our unconscious and
deeply understand that everything that exists in the outside world also exists within
us, and manifests in states of mind, soul and conscience. “
International Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher Kaya, one of today’s most
renowned specialists in dream interpretation, believes that we live as individual
computers permanently connected to the Great Whole, the immense Cosmic
Computer, and thus we can understand the Law of synchronicity whereby there is
no such thing as coincidence in life, that everything has a reason for existing, that
everything has a deep, evolutive meaning in our outer and inner world...most
importantly our dream state.
This modern day guide to dream analysis proposes that dreams represent parts and
aspects of our being, forces, atmospheres and ambiances, programming, and
patterns of behavior and functioning; they help us understand the situations,
encounters and events that make up our life-plan.
Kaya adds, “The symbolic language of dreams and signs is in fact mathematical: it is
composed of equations of conscience that show us who we really are in the very
depths of our being, and what we need in order to evolve.”
Kaya believes ONE dream can change our entire life, as it did his.
For more information about The Source Code by Kaya please visit
KAYA is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, and
International Lecturer on Angels and a worldwide
specialist on the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs &
Symbols in more than 43 countries. He is also the
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Universe/City Mikaël
(UCM) a multinational non-profit organization. His
profound spiritual knowledge, expertise on dream,
sign & symbol interpretation, his philanthropy,
exemplary devotion, and humanitarian aid is a
source of inspiration for millions of people on the