In the name of God
Name: Dr. Leila Roshangar
Associated Professor of Histology and Embryology
E-mail: [email protected]
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Thesis supervision:
1. Study of Mummy effects on fibroblast, adipose-derived and Wharton's jelly derived
stem cells proliferation and extra cellular matrix components synthesis in co-culture
condition and on three-dimensional scaffolds to promote cutaneous wound healing.
Thesis of Anatomical Sciences Ph.D student, Faculty of Medicine.
2. Transplantation of engineered cartilage tissue from adipose derived stem cells in
polycaprolactone (PCL) on knee sheep and evaluation of ultrasound exposure on
quality of repaired hyaline cartilage. Thesis of Anatomical Sciences Ph.D student,
Faculty of Medicine.
3. Study of characteristics of chondrocytes, differentiated from adipose-derived stem
cells following co-culture with human mature and fetal chondrons. Thesis of
Anatomical Sciences Ph.D student, Faculty of Medicine.