Editing Checklists

To avoid plagiarism:
Using this checklist, review your final version thoroughly. Check off each category only after you have
followed the instructions.
__ If you are quoting source material, is the quotation exact? Have you inserted quotation marks
around quotations? Have you shown omissions with ellipsis marks (...) and additions/alterations with
__ If you are paraphrasing or summarizing someone else's ideas/material, have you used your own
words and sentence structures? Does your paraphrase or summary employ quotation marks when you
resort to the author's exact language? Have you represented the author's meaning without distortion?
__ Is each use of source material acknowledged in your text? Are all of your in-text citations
complete and accurate?
__ Do you use signaling phrases when necessary/appropriate to integrate source material clearly
and contextually for your audience?
__ Does your Works Cited list include all the sources you have drawn from in writing your paper?
Every entry in the works cited list should correlate with at least one in-text citation. Have you checked
the citation format for each works cited entry?
For Revision – check off the following points:
Make sure that:
1. each paragraph has a topic sentence and that the topic sentences relate clearly
back to the thesis statement
2. there are strong, clear transitions between paragraphs.
3. you have used keywords and synonyms for coherence, but have not slavishly parroted
4. each of the body paragraphs contains an adequate number of interpretive sentences using
5. each quotation you use is a) significant; b) as brief as can be;
c) integrated into your sentence structure; d) interpreted as necessary; e) properly
documented (MLA style).
6. you have varied sentence length and structure.
7. you have used present (simple) tense, except where it is logically inappropriate.
8. you have proofread for spelling and grammar.
9. you have an original title.
10. you add a Works Cited page in proper format.
Submit with the final version of your paper.