September - Edison Band Parent Organization

EBPO Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2013
Dorit Askenazy, Richard Askenazy, Sue Berry, Travis Brooks, Alicia Chan, Kat Cook, Karen Ehrlich, Corbin
Fauntleroy, Noella Francis, Jen Goeglein, Deborah Halver-Hanson, Dave Kolo, Sarah Kolo, Karen Maline,
Steve Pattison
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Travis Brooks.
Copies of minutes were distributed for reading; Karen Maline asked if there were any revisions to
the attendee list, since she didn’t have the sign-in sheet. Revisions were noted and Steve Pattison
moved to approve the minutes as revised. The motion was seconded and the minutes were approved.
Alicia Chan reported a current bank balance of 27,074.70, including a reserve fund of $8,300.
Between administrative fees, program support, and fundraising expenses, we spent $4,109.33.
Through fundraising we netted $7,054.10. We made $6,976 at Tag Day and money is still coming in.
We only spent $98 on band camp (for pizzas on skit night), and Tag Day cost about $250.
Alicia said she would send Karen Ehrlich an Expense Reimbursement form to post on the website for
people to use when they spend money on supplies for the band. It will be under the “Downloads” tab.
Travis asked that anyone who has receipts to please get them to Alicia as soon as possible.
Alicia reported that she found a Tag Day tag from an elderly woman who wrote a very nice note
about the students who were going door to door on a very hot Sunday. The note will be read to the kids
and posted on the website.
Uniforms: Jen Goeglein reported that everyone has now been fitted for a uniform, but a new
student joined band after shoes were ordered so the new shoes will be delivered to Jen’s house. The
band will wear spirit wear to the freshman football game tomorrow night; the first time they’ll wear
their uniforms is to the competition in Herndon this Saturday. Jen still has to collect money from kids
for shoes, gloves, and extra show shirts. She noted that we have enough uniforms for 75 kids, and the
largest and smallest of those are all distributed. She suggested augmenting the extreme sizes.
EBPO Minutes
September 2013
Page 2
Spirit Wear: Jen is taking orders for band spirit wear and will provide a spirit wear order form to
Karen Ehrlich for the website. There will be short-sleeved shirts in grey and white as well as polo shirts
that wick moisture, sweatpants, and a new type of band jacket. Orders will be due October 3.
Chaperones/Volunteers: Corbin Fauntleroy reported that all the slots for home and away games
are filled, but she still needs people for the October 12 competition at Oakton and then Stafford. She
said it would be a long day and she was willing to divide the day into shifts if people are willing to drive
to the competition. The other competitions are covered.
First Aid: Sue Berry said we still need about 20 emergency contact forms back. Also, parents
are not writing, “please provide over the counter medication” on the forms, which keeps the first aider
from providing pain relievers for headaches or minor accidents. Travis said that the EBPO is not really
responsible for those forms and parents cannot give any kids any medicine. Only Mr. Mitchell can give
medicine and he is responsible for making sure the forms are turned in.
Hospitality: Steve Pattison gave the report for Mae. She sent out the menus for the freshman
football game tomorrow night and the competition on Saturday in Oakton.
Tag Day: Sarah brought a written recap of Tag Day collections per zone and discussed options
for shifts next year. Do we want to continue to collect on Sunday? Should it be mandatory? The choir
had increases in very few zones. Several homes that were in our zones said that choir members had
already been there.
Spirit Nights: Steve reported that the next Spirit Night is at Genghis Grill and Octobers is at Uno
Chicago Grill in Kingstowne; we’re not having one in November or December. In January we’ll be at
Ruby Tuesday and in March we’ll be at Red, Hot, and Blue.
Fundraising: Kat Cook reported that we will have a fruit and cheesecake sale again and will give
the documentation to Karen for the website when she gets it. Karen said she is creating a new
“fundraising” tab. Kat said she will need help distributing the fruit and cheesecake when they arrive.
New IRS regulations prohibit booster organizations from maintaining individual accounts for students, so
the money from fundraisers will now go into one general account to be shared.
Corbin announced we made $22 in August from eScrip. From mid-August to mid-September,
there is a 10% cash back benefit to the band for specially marked items purchased at Safeway. Everyone
must sign up again each year. Corbin sent an email with information on how to sign up for eScrip to the
listserv. We made over $220 last year. The more people that sign up, the more we make.
Banquet Committee: Megan Brooks will contact folks when she gets ready to start working on
the end of the season banquet. Sarah Kolo asked about a roster of band families and contact
information and said she would be happy to work on it. Names and contact information were collected
at the first meeting, but nothing has been done with it yet.
EBPO Minutes
September 2013
Page 3
Senior Night: Karen Maline suggested forming a committee to make sure this celebration is
done well. We need a chair, possibly the parent of a junior. Tasks include sending the questionnaire
and order forms for flowers, and sending the information about who is participating from the band to
the booster/organizer.
Boosters: Deborah Halver-Hanson found that we can volunteer as a group to help with
concessions, but we won’t be fundraising. Travis moved that we don’t volunteer to work the concession
stand at spring sporting events; the motion was seconded and it passed.
Nomination of Freshman Parent Liaison: Sue Berry nominated Dorit Askenazy to serve as
Freshman Parent Liaison. Dorit said she wanted to know more about the position, and that she would
think about it. We’ll vote on it next month.
Band Website: There is a problem with the domain. It is registered to Mr.
Richards, who was the director before Ms. Reeves, and it expired this year. We won’t be able to renew
it for a period of time so Steve Pattison moved to obtain the domain,, which is available,
and put a redirect on so that visitors will be taken to the new URL. The motion was
seconded and passed.
Band Listserv/Alumni: There are no more singular email lists, just one consolidated list (like the
allbands list). Travis said that if anyone knows an alumnus of the band who would like to receive newsy
emails from the band, send their contact information to him. Alicia asked how Mr. Mitchell sends
information through the list. Travis answered that so far, he does it through himself or Steve.
Motion to adjourn was made by Steve Pattison. It was seconded and passed. The meeting was
adjourned at 7:59.
Respectfully Submitted,
Karen Maline
EBPO Secretary