Earth Science Rock Lab Igneous Extrusive: I am volcanic glass

Earth Science Rock Lab
1. Igneous Extrusive: I am volcanic glass, what am I? ______Obsidian_______________
2. Igneous Intrusive: I am a kitchen countertop, what am I? ______Granite__________
3. How do you know that I am intrusive? _____Large Crystals__________________
4. Igneous: I am the same rock that is found in dark craters of the moon, what am I?
5. Igneous: I am used to exfoliate skin, I am solid volcanic foam, what am I?
6. Clastic Sedimentary: I am a “hodge podge” (mix) of sand, gravel, silt and clay, what am
I? _______Conglomerate_____________________________
7. Sedimentary: I am made of sand, what am I? _______Sandstone_________________
8. Sedimentary: You can find me in a mine, what am I? ______Coal_________________
9. Sedimentary: I am made from silt/clay, what am I? ______Shale_________________
10. Metamorphic: I metamorphose from granite, what am I? ____Gneiss_______________
11. Metamorphic: I metamorphose into Quartzite, what am I? ____Sandstone_____________
12. Metamorphic: I metamorphose from shale, what am I? _____Slate_________________
13. Metamorphic: I metamorphose from limestone, what am I? _____Marble_____________
14. I am a sedimentary rock with layers, what term describes me? _Stratification or Stratified
15. I am the only type of rock to ever have fossils, what am I? ____Sedimentary__________
16. Metamorphic rocks sometimes have bands or stripes, what is this called? __Foliation____