New Quiz Practice 6 - Primary School Carlow Holy Family BNS Askea

Quiz Practice 6 2016
Holy Family BNS
1: In which sport would you do an Eskimo Roll? Canoeing.
2: Who Wrote Gangsta Granny, Ratburger, Billionaire Boy and
The Boy in the Dress? David Walliams.
3: Name the space probe that took photographs of the dwarf
planet Pluto and it’s five moons?
New Horizon.
4: What do you call a painting
on a wall? A mural.
5: The Adriatic and the Aegean
sea are part of which sea?
The Mediterranean sea.
6: What is the capital of South
Korea? Seoul.
[Pyongyang North]
7: Which English scientist put
forward the law of gravity?
Isaac Newton.
8: Which black birds live in the
Tower of London? Ravens.
9: What do you call a group of ravens? An unkindness.
10: What do you call the tissue that joins a muscle to a bone?
11: According to the proverb what was not built in a day? Rome
12: Methane is main part of which widely used fuel? Gas.
13: Which Australian State is an island? Tasmania. [Six states]
14: What do you call a freshwater turtle? A terrapin.
15: Who led Britain through World War II? Winston Churchill.
16: Which animal has nine lives? A cat.
17: How often are the Olympics games and World Cup held?
Every four years.
18: What is the name for the imaginary line around the middle
of the Earth? The Equator.
19: Which island is at the toe of Italy? Sicily.
20: Who lived in Sherwood forest? Robin Hood.
21: Which American animal sprays out a foul smelling fluid to
defend itself? A skunk.
22: Who are the infantry? The soldiers who fight on foot.
23:Which people wrote in hieroglyphics?
The ancient Egyptians.
24: Which creature did St. George slay? A dragon.
25: What is kelp? Seaweed.
26:Who were the first people to make ice
cream 5000 years ago? The Chinese.
27: What are Scottish lakes called? Lochs.
28: What is created when a meteorite hits a
planet? A crater.
29: What do you call the supply of water for the growing of
crops? Irrigation.
30: Which part of your body do you use for hearing and
balancing? Ears.
31: Who was a legionary? A Roman soldier.
32: Which animal do they herd in Lapland? The Reindeer.
33: Which flying insect is known to spread malaria? Mosquito.
34: What is the name given to a female
foal? Filly
35: What breed of dog are commonly
used to pull sledges?
36: A rookery is the name given to which
collection of fast swimming birds?
37: What did Thomas Edison invents in
1879 after carrying out 1,200
experiments? The light bulb.
38: In 1959 which became the 50th U.S. state? Hawaii.
39: Who was the first U.S. president to resign? Richard Nixon.
40: What kind of animal is Mrs. Tiggywinkle in the Beatrix
Potter stories? A hedgehog.
41: Which American President’s face appears on the one dollar
bill? George Washington.
42: Which part of the body is the otoscope used to look into?
The ear.
43: What does M.C. at a concert stand for?
Master of Ceremonies.
44: Who composed Air on G String?
Johan Sebastian Bach.
45: Who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird”?
Harper Lee. [Go set a Watchman]
46: The flabella is the world’s smallest
breed of what? Horse.
47: Robben Island is in the Table bay of
which African city?
Cape Town.
48: What is the literal translation of Homo
Sapiens? Wise man.
49: What breed of dog is a cross between a greyhound and a
collie? A lurcher.
50: Name the world’s largest
species of lizard?
Komodo dragon.
51: Which scientist wrote the
Theory of Relativity E=MC2 ?
Albert Einstein.
52: In Internet lingo what does
F2F mean? Face to face.
53: What does RSVP mean on an invitation?
Please answer back.
54: Where is the headquarters of the United Nations?
New York.
55: What does Vice versa mean? The other way around.
“She dislikes me and vice versa.”
57: Where was the home of King Arthur’s court? Camelot.
58: What did Jason and the Argonauts go in search of?
The Golden Fleece.
59: What does the ozone do for the Earth? Protect it from the
sun’s rays.
60: In the 1300’s where did Marco Polo’s[ born in Venice, Italy.]
adventures take him? The Far East and India.