weather in belarus

Belarus has a temperate-continental climate with moderate features which is
characteristic for Central Europe, with hot summers, long, cold winters and very
seasons. The
average temperature is
7°C. Daytime
temperatures vary from -5-0°C in the winter and 25-30°C in summer months.
Winter usually lasts between 100 and 120 days, and sometimes the weather can be
very harsh then, with strong northeasterly winds and blizzards. Temperature can
fall below - 20 C degrees. However, in some years the winters are mild with
westerly winds and temperatures around or even above zero.
Summer lasts about 150 days in Belarus, and is most of the time sunny and dry.
Belarus has quite long and hot, continental summers. Local thunderstorms are
inevitable at this season and can be very heavy sometimes. Belarus is also prone to
summer deluges.
Spring and Autumn can be damp and rainy when low pressure systems from the
Atlantic have more influence on the weather; the first snow can already fall mid
September is often regarded as one of the best months.Temperatures are
genereally in the 20's. Evenings in September can be surprisingly chilly. But
in November , temperatures can drop significantly and snow , rain, wind are
Spring starts in March and remains unpredictable during the first two month. It's
possible to have a cold snap as well as an early heat wave. you can expect plenty of
sunshine with increasing temperatures. Belarus is situated in the zone of sufficient
moistening that makes spring a damp season with great number of precipitations.
Belarus rarely experiences the extremes of temperature.