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2nd Grade in charge Cafeteria Volunteers
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Elective Fair at Cooper rising 7th graders
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FEBRUARY 9, 2015
partners of Stop Hunger Now, distributed meals to very
impoverished areas. One of the members of our
Forestville Family was able to be there to serve these
meals to children at a feeding center opened by a dump
site in the east coast of Nicaragua. There he learned that
some children survive by collecting trash from the dump
and selling it. Many walked 30 minutes to get the only
meal they have on any given day. Since the opening of this
particular center 4 years ago, children have improved in
health and personal hygiene. Thanks to Stop Hunger Now,
to you the financial supporters, to those who packed the
meals and to the many more hands that made it possible
for the meals to get all the way to a child’s mouth, there is
hope in their eyes and relief in our hearts!
Forestville’s participation in events like these defines who
we are beyond our academics. It establishes the
foundation to teach our children about service, care and
kindness. It defines character. For that reason it is an
honor to be a part of a caring and giving community like
this one. Thank you Forestville!
This Saturday we gathered at Colvin Run Elementary’s
cafeteria to package 100,000 meals for the hungry around
the world. More than 350 parents, children and teachers
of our Langley pyramid schools gathered every two hours
from 8:30 until 3:30 to package the meals that your
contributions made possible to purchase. To those who
contributed financially thank you! To those who came to
serve, thank you for representing Forestville and for
making an impact in the lives of those in need around the
world. It was such a great experience for the children and
for us parents alike to serve and feel the satisfaction of
spending our time in doing something that matters and
truly makes an impact in someone’s life.
Last month, meals like these were sent off to Nicaragua
and El Salvador where organizations like Orphan Network,
PTA President,
p.s. For packing event and feeding center pictures please
see page 4
Stop Hunger Now Thank You…...……………...…1
Where did Cardinal Club Dollars Go……………...2
Did you get your Cardinal Club Tax Letter……….2
Character Trait of the Month ……….……………..3
Hammer of Perseverance Winners……………….3
Construction Update………………………………..3
Mrs. Twitchel’s Perseverance Winners.….……....3
Parent Focused Speaker Series…………..………3
Volunteer Corner……………………..……………..4
Nominate a Forestville Teacher……...……………4
Last Renovation for Innovation Science Night…..4
Where Did Your Cardinal Club PTA DOLLAR$
Go This Month?
Did you know that the PTA has a great impact in all the
activities and events that are held at Forestville every
month! Come look and see! This month your PTA
dollars have paid for:
 4th and Last Renovation for Innovation Science
 Maryland Science Center Visits 5th Grade
 River Bend Park Field trip 2nd Grade
 Lake Fairfax Park Fieldtrip 5th Grade
 GMU Center of Arts Fieldtrip 3rd Grade
 Teacher Stipends
 Grace Art Supplies
 First Lego League Club Registration
 Forestville Cares
 Hammer of Perseverance Awards
 Character Trait Campaign Banners
 Teacher Continuing Education
Did you get your
Donation Letter
Tax season is upon us and we wanted to make
sure you knew that we sent out via email your
Cardinal Club Donation letter. If you made a
donation but did not received a letter via email
please contact our treasurer assistant Yan Wei at
[email protected]
Thank you for your tax deductible contribution!
If you have not made your donation yet and would
like to please visit
Congratulations to our Hammer of
Perseverance winners!
Tape Measure of Positive Attitude
This month we launch the Tape Measure of
Positive Attitude. It is not what happens to you but
how you respond to it that makes the difference.
This month we will be talking about how our
“Attitude determines our Altitude”. Join us at home
by promoting a “half glass full” perspective and
response to every situation.
This past Wednesday January 28th we rolled out
the Red carpet once again to recognize our
Hammer of Perseverance winners. Please help me
in congratulating the following students who
demonstrated perseverance.
Kindergarten - Charlie Jackson
1st Grade – Sophia Christiano
2nd Grade – Michael Scheiner
3rd Grade – Ella Minor
4th Grade – Sophie Stolzer
5th Grade – Wyatt Kunkel
6th Grade Honorable Mention – Cole Stolzer
6th Grade Honorable Mention – Grant Reed
6th Grade Winner – Kyle Hawley
Renovation has been delayed
FCPS is working on presenting the entire sanitary
sewer package to the Board of Supervisors. Once
this process is complete FCPS will be able to bid
the project. The renovation is still scheduled to start
end of May beginning of June.
Sophie 4th Grade Winner and
Cole Stolzer 6th Grade Honorable Mention
Congratulations to Mrs. Twitchel’s
Perseverance winners!
As an added plus, in Mrs. Twitchel’s strategies lab
students got to work on perseverance as well. For
those who best captured the concept of
perseverance a Think Fun game was awarded.
Congratulations to the winners!
1st Grade – Nina Britt
2nd Grade – Manuela Wasser
3rd Grade – Ryan Costley
4th Grade – Elena Pasavento
5th Grade – Ijena Mere
6th Grade – Audrey Pennington
Do YOU Know a Super Teacher?
Does your child's teacher go above and beyond
classroom duty to inspire students? Help us identify and
recognize these education heroes!
Between now and February 13, 2015, nominate your
child's Super Teacher at Out
of the nominees, eight Virginia educators will be selected
in 2015 as Super Teachers, winning $2,000 from the
Virginia Lottery and $2,000 in classroom supplies from
The Supply Room Companies.
Let's show our outstanding teachers how super-thankful
we are for their hard work.
Nominate a Super Teacher Today!
2nd Grade parents are being asked to
volunteer in the lunch room in February. Like
last year we will rotate Cafeteria Volunteering
responsibilities by grade and classroom. The month
of February is assigned to 2nd grade classrooms.
Below please find the week assignment per 6th
grade Classroom. All homerooms will be asked to
help out again in the Spring (April - June). If you
have any questions please contact Kellie Gentile
at [email protected]
 Zeurner - week of 2/3
 McCourt - week of 2/9
 Lombardi - week of 2/17
 Boggs - week of 2/23
SOCK HOP March 10th
The Forestville Mental Health Team will be presenting on
the topic "Social Media in Elementary School" on February
27th at 9:30 am at our PTA General Meeting. This
presentation will explore the popularity of social media
sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr,
and YouTube, and its effect on elementary-aged children.
Attendees will learn about data regarding social media
usage for children under 12, the benefits and dangers
Forestville concludes Renovation for Innovation
Science Night Series with hands-on fun
Sock Hop planning is well underway but could still use your
help! Please contact Erin Hawley
at [email protected] see how you can help our 4th
thru 6th graders have a fun and memorable 50's Themed
Sock Hop on Friday, April 10th
Thanks in advance moms and dads, as well as those
responsible kids in need of Community Service hours. Our
next in person meeting is Thurs, March 12th at 2:30pm.
“Wow! I didn’t know that!” This was a common refrain
heard from children and adults at the Family Science
Night held at Forestville Elementary School on January
23, 2015. The January event was the culmination of a
four-event series called the “Renovation for Innovation
Science Night Series.” Each event featured hands-on
science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
activities designed to prepare the Forestville population
for its upcoming school renovation. In addition to STEM,
the events also celebrated the creativity and colors of
innovation, with fully integrated art and free-thinking
Over 100 children and their families braved a snowy
night to try innovative ways to care for the world through
January’s “Waste Not, Want Not” theme. Children
bounced bubbles filled with dry ice “smoke” and explored
alternative energy by making potato batteries and
windmills out of magazines and sticks. They built energy
efficient homes out of craft sticks and used iPads to test
for energy loss. Parents were surprised to learn that
given the weight of a gallon of water (8.3 lbs), families
probably waste their own weight in water every day.
Adults and children were also challenged to calculate the
cost of daily power usage after watching watts
used – in real time – by small appliances hooked up to a
Vitamins, Seasoning, Dried Soy and Rice go into a Bag
Step 2: Package gets weighed and sealed
3D Printing of a Child’s own design
Step 3: Package is ready for packaging and shipping
CO2 Bubbles – Solid turning to gas
Making Batteries out of Potatoes
Feeding center where stop Hunger Now meals are served in
Making Art out of Junk
After washing hands children sit to eat