April 2015 PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2015
Members Attending—Kathi Quantz, Sam Quantz, Dr Villar, Dennis Durfee, Emily Baker, Mrs
Rees, Holly Durfee, Melinda Mackey, Ember Beaslin, Tammy Guzman
Community Council—Student Improvement Plan meeting, plan was created, we need to review
the plan, let know of any changes would like to make. Title I school plan, consultant to make
sure plan meets needs; incorporate needs into plan. Parent advisory meeting on April 22nd at
4:15 pm. Trustlands money, budget used to buy Ipads, laptops, etc in past. New person over
trustland funds doesn’t feel that technology should be part of education. Only use 10% of
budget toward technology, rest toward incentives for program. Pin down to software and
technology. In the past used toward tutoring and general supplies.
Treasurer’s Report—Melinda. $200 budget for field day. Are popsicles being donated through
school? Talk with Kent’s about possible donation.
Fun Run went well. Thank you to everyone who helped.
Teacher Appreciation—door decorations sign up shet passed around. Teacher luncheon on
Wednesday. Gift every day for teachers.
Graduations—6th Grade, provide Sam’s Club sheet cake. No gift from PTA for 6th graders this
year. No PTA help is needed for Kindergarten graduation.
Next year’s positions discussed
Field Day—6th grade station, how can we have them help? 1 ½ hours—7 minute stations. Sack
lunches, more relaxed atmosphere. One (or two) lunch stations, provide teachers with lunches
so they stay with and help their classes. Playground station. Everyone to have lunch at same
time- 20 minutes. Popsicles all at the same time as well at the end of the day. Use teacher
lunch tubs for student’s things (backpacks, shoes, etc). Times: 10:30-11:30 Stations, 11:3011:50 Lunch, 11:50-1:10 Stations, 1:10- end of school, popsicles. School provide water bottles
for students, student names on bottles. Possible stations: inflatables, shoe board, tug-of-war,
hula hoops, football toss, bat run (pool noodles), spoon relay, Frisbees, sponges and buckets.
Finalize at next meeting.
Important Dates:
April 20 Sonic Fundraiser
April 24 Fun Run Assembly at 12:45
May 4-8 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 25 No School
June 3rd Kindergarten and 6th Grade Graduation
June 4th Field Day/Last Day of School
Next meeting: May 12th at 9:30