Graduating Senior Exception Certification Form

2014-2015 National Collegiate Volleyball Federation
Graduating Senior Exception Form
Team: To qualify for a Graduating Senior Exception, you institution’s Registrar/Admissions Office
must certify one of the following:
1. That you are graduating at the end of the semester in which the NCVF Championship (April 911, 2015) will take place; or
2. That you are graduating in the month of March or April immediately prior to the NCVF
Championship (April 9-11, 2015).
The Registrar/Admissions stamp of certification must be placed upon this form to certify your
information. Please scan the original form and send to the Chair of the NCVF Compliance Committee,
Nicholas Toth, by February 16th, 2015. Any forms received after the cutoff will be subject to additional
fees and may not be able to be processed.
Registrar/Admissions Office: Please complete the current credits, graduation date, and registrar’s
initials. A certified stamp or seal is required on the bottom right hand corner of this form. Graduating
Seniors are any undergraduate or graduate students graduating within the current semester/quarter
of the NCVF Championship, or those graduating in the month of March or April immediately prior to
the NCVF Championship. They may carry any number of units required to graduate while maintaining
NCVF eligibility.
For any questions or to submit the form, please contact NCVF Compliance Committee Chair,
Nicholas Toth.
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________________________ City:
Student Name:
Student Name:
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Student ID:
Current Units:
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Graduation Date:
at the Office of
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