Dear Student, please go through the steps listed below to ensure

1. Select courses from the Course Schedule related to your faculty.
2. Discuss with your Academic Advisor to choose courses suitable to your study plan.
3. Students requiring LAR courses should contact Director of General Studies.
4. Students are required to fill the Registration Form and ensure the following information is completed
a. Student name,
b. Student ID,
c. Faculty,
d. major,
e. Course Code, Title etc. that you have selected with your Academic Advisor (Note that
student may register for 9 credits as maximum and may added 3 credits if graduating in
summer 2010)
The Registration Forms must signed by;
i. Student
ii. Academic Advisor to ensure that the selected course are relevant to your Degree
iii. Finance Department, to pay the course fee and confirm your seat.
iv. Finally by the office of the registrar to prepare your schedules. please state your
accurate email address on the form to receive your schedule
5. Courses are subject to number of students
6. Students are required to submit the registration form along with the fee payment receipt at the
office of the registrar at your earliest
Registration starts on Thursday 13 May 2010 until Thursday 27 May 2010.
Office of the Registrar-May 6th 2010