Spelling Menu

Directions: Choose a combination of
the spelling activities to complete that
equals 60 points. Possible
combinations include:
Spelling Menu
Breakfast Items (10 points each)
1 Dinner Item + 1 Lunch Item
1 Dinner Item + 2 Breakfast Items
1 Lunch Item + 4 Breakfast Items
1. Bubble Spelling: Spell your words by drawing them with
colorful bubble letters.
2 Lunch Items + 2 Breakfast Items
2. Fantastic Five: Write each of your spelling words correctly five
3 Lunch Items
3. Fun with Fonts: Use your laptop to type each of your spelling words in a different font. Print, cut out, and
paste into your spelling notebook.
4. Rainbow Review: Write each spelling word with markers or colored pencils, choosing a different color for
each letter.
Lunch Items (20 points each)
5. Back and Forth: Write each spelling word then write it backwards.
6. Beginning to End: Make a list of your spelling words in alphabetical (ABC) order then make a list of the
same words in reverse alphabetical (ZYX) order.
7. Breaking it Down: Write each spelling word using one color for consonants and another color for vowels.
8. Connect the Dots: Write your spelling words in dots with a marker. Then connect the dots by tracing over
them with a pencil.
9. Crossword Creation: Connect all of your spelling words crossword-style.
10. Dictionary Duty: Write each spelling word along with its dictionary definition.
11. On the Other Hand: Write each spelling word with your right hand, then your left hand.
12. Pyramid Practice: Write each spelling word one letter at a time until you spell the entire word in a
pyramid shape.
13. Rhyme Time: Write each spelling word with a rhyming word next to it.
14. Secret Agent: Number the alphabet 1 to 26, then covert each spelling word to a number code.
a = 1, b = 2, c = 3
word = 26 16 18
15. Super Syllables: Write out each spelling word broken into syllables. You can use the dictionary to check
your work.
spell / ing
Dinner Items (40 points each)
16. Fancy Letters: Use magazines, catalogues, or newspapers to cut out letters and glue them down to spell
your word.
17. Question Creation: Write a question (made of at least 7 words) for each spelling word. Start your
question with the words who, what, where, when, or why and end with a question mark. Underline your
spelling word in each sentence. Grammar and spelling count!
18. Rap Master: Write a short song or rap that contains all five of your spelling words. Underline your
spelling words within the song/rap.
19. Superb Statements: Use each spelling word in a sentence (made of at least 10 words). The statement
must make sense and end with a period. Underline your spelling word in each sentence. Grammar and
spelling count!
20. Supersize Sentence: Try to use all five spelling words in one grammatically-correct sentence. Underline
each spelling word.
21. Spelling Sort: Sort your spelling words by parts of speech. Make a column for nouns, verbs, adjectives,
adverbs, and prepositions. Look in the dictionary for help.
22. Tongue Twisters: Write a tongue twister (made of at least 7 words) for each spelling word. Underline the
spelling words. Grammar and spelling count!
Wanda was wondering what words were wrong.
23. Try a Trick: Create a trick to remember each spelling word.
vacuum- “U” need to vacuum the rug twice to get it clean.
discipline- I need to throw the disc across the line.