Terms of Reference

Post Title:
International consultancy on Strengthening the DevInfo Data
Management and Utilisation capacity in Tajikistan
Duration of contract:
Office location:
15 Sep.2013 – 31 Dec.2013 (20 w/d)
Closing date:
27 August 2013
Terms of Reference
There is an acknowledged need to improve access to quality up-to-date information and
strengthen national capacity of Government partners and UN agencies in monitoring,
analysing, disseminating and reporting of progress and results on national human development
indicators, particularly on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Living
Standards Improvement Strategy (LSIS) to enhance evidence-based policy and decision
making in Tajikistan.
DevInfo is the software recommended by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) to
help monitor and report on MDGs. It can be used far beyond MDG monitoring at the national
level by responding to a demand-driven process for a database system with the ability to
capture data from various sectors and with options to harmonise multiple databases on human
development at national and decentralised levels. DevInfo has been introduced first in
Tajikistan through a series of trainings and workshops for national and international partners
including ministries, international NGOs, officials from the regional administrations and UN
agencies themselves from 2004 onwards.
The Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan (AS) hosts the
DevInfo initiative and holds the responsibility of implementing the TojikInfo database within
its mandate to collect, process and publish national statistical data. Based on the lessons
learned in the past years, UNICEF is now providing support to the AS to implement the new
TojikInfo database with emphasis on its sustainability and additionally to the existing and
nascent systems. In June 2013 AS has established the formal Working Group (WG) on
implementation of TojikInfo to enhance the sustainability of TojikInfo implementation. The
WG consists of a Database Coordination Team which guides the process of developing and
implementing the database and the Database Administration Team responsible for setting up
the databases. Two Database Administrators and 3 Database operators make up a Database
Administration Team. In addition to the capacity building activities that have been conducted
in previous years, and taking into account the staff turnover in national institutions there is still
a need to enhance the national institutional capacity in managing and using TojikInfo as a tool
to support the evidence-based decision making to the benefit of children.
To provide high quality technical support to the Agency on Statistics and relevant national
partners in preparation and finalization of the new TojikInfo/DevInfo database and conduct
needs-based trainings on the DevInfo data administration and user applications in order to
promote the use of high quality data and the evidence-based decision making.
Scope of work
Assessment of the existing DevInfo data administration capacity: Review and assess
the existing staff capacity, quality and completeness of the databases, system structures,
identified gaps in systems and processes (3 days)
Verification: Guide DAT in (a) carrying out data verification; (b) verifying the archive
(backup) of data and maps uploaded into the database; (c) verifying the digital map
library linked to data (2 day)
DevInfo Web Enabling: Provide technical support to the Data Administration Team in
migrating the TojikInfo database to the web and to provide advanced technical training
on how to establish a web version of a DevInfo database, including the registration of
the web site, hosting, creation of database on line, web database administration and data
entry (2 days)
Provide on-site (advanced) Database Administration training and technical assistance
on the DevInfo database model and development of automatic methods to
convert/upload existing electronic databases, entering metadata, merging multiple data
sets and uploading them into the database (at least 5 days inc. preparation)
Provide technical support and training in development of the DevInfo district profiles
using the data collected for 3 priority districts (4 days inc. preparation)
Provide technical support in developing a DevInfo data dissemination (web) gallery of
key data for use by all stakeholders, including UNICEF professionals using the new
TojikInfo database (2 day)
Conduct a training on the DevInfo User Application for participants to be able to use
the DevInfo database system to access data, query it and use the built-in wizards to
create table, graph and map presentations (2 days inc. preparation)
A. Technical support is provided in data management and verification process (8
1. The quality of randomly selected indicators from TojikInfo database (with data values,
sources, maps and metadata), as well as availability of a hard copy and electronic
archive is verified and recommendations on improving quality of the database are
2. District profiles are developed with the use of available data for 3 priority districts.
3. The new verified TojikInfo database, as well as sample DI district profiles, are
uploaded on the TojikInfo website.
Capacity of national partners is improved (10 days):
Needs-based (advanced) four-day data administration training is conducted.
Three-day training on the development of district profiles is conducted.
Needs-based one-day training on the use of the new TojikInfo database, as well as
sample district profiles, is conducted.
C. Final Report with narratives on (2 days):
 Overall assessment of the existing DevInfo data administration capacity and
system structures, including identified gaps in systems and processes
Recommendations to further strengthen the TojikInfo system
Requirements for implementing partner
Availability of expertise in data management, including data collection, data
processing, data analysis and data dissemination
Availability of expertise in DevInfo data management techniques
Experience in providing DevInfo training and technical support
Previous experience with similar technical work with UNICEF or any other UN agency
would be desirable
Fluency in English; knowledge of Russian or Tajik would be desirable
Duration of the assignment:
The estimated duration (15 Sep.-31 Dec.2013) of the technical support is 20 working days
including two country visits. Two trainings should take place at the beginning of October and
end of November 2013.
Payment Terms and Conditions:
Consultancy fee is negotiated based on the market price for the mentioned tasks. LS fee will be
paid upon satisfactory completion of assignments and certification by the supervisor through
bank transfer.
Travel cost and location:
The consultant is expected to visit Tajikistan. UNICEF will cover cost of round trip flights
from/to the country of origin of the consultant to Dushanbe in economy class via the most
direct and economical route. The consultant will receive UN-approved DSA while in
Tajikistan. The consultant is responsible for assuming costs for obtaining visa, travel insurance
and medical/ health insurance.
The consultant will be stationed in Dushanbe with travel to any region and district of Tajikistan
as required. Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) will be paid as per UN rules.
The Consultant will work under supervision of the UNICEF M&E Officer in close
coordination with the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan
(RT) and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Tajikistan.
Qualified candidates are requested to submit a Letter of interest, CV, UN Personal History
Form (P11)( at www.unicef.org/tajikistan/resources_6744.html) and references from previous
consultancies to recruitmentdushanbe@unicef.org by the deadline of 27 August 2013.
In their Letter of Interest, candidates should highlight previous work experience relevant to the
assignment, the attributes that make them suitable, their proposed approach to the assignment
and their anticipated daily rate or all-inclusive lump-sum fee for the assignment, including time
for preparation and the final report.