EA-SIP-2012-13 - Elgin Academy

Leading learning for all our futures
Our Shared Vision for Elgin Academy
At Elgin Academy, through the pursuit of excellence in learning & teaching, and by providing strong, effective leadership
at all levels, we are preparing our learners for the future. With learners, staff, parents and the wider community enjoying
very positive, respectful relationships and working together, we provide a curriculum which will give our learners the
knowledge, skills and digital ability to be healthy, global citizens and succeed in a modern world. We provide a happy,
safe, friendly and inclusive environment in which to learn and work, whilst fostering a resilient, ‘can-do’ ethos. Through a
wide range of enjoyable, challenging and motivating experiences, learners and staff work together to realise the potential
of everyone in the school.
A common theme for the 2012-2013 Strategic Improvement Plan is improved motivation leading to excellence in learning & teaching
What do we want to do?
What will be different in a year’s time?
1. Improved motivation through development of the curriculum
1.1 Ongoing development of S3 Students will reach the end of the
broad general phase at the end of S3
having experienced a curriculum
which addresses the 7 principles of
curriculum design and which prepares
them for the Senior Phase.
Development of new Courses will have been developed
courses for National 4 and ready for delivery to new S4 at start of
National 5
new timetable in June 2013.
1.3 Development of
consistent approach across the
school to the delivery of literacy,
numeracy and health &
1.4 Ongoing development and
review of the structure of the
1.5 Ongoing enhancement of
P7-S1 curricular transition.
How will we do it? Who will do it? Dates?
How will we evaluate
Departments prepare and deliver courses on an
ongoing basis throughout S3. (PTs)
Curriculum Steering Group will have overview
Departments will be asked to
review their new S3 courses.
Student views will be gathered.
S3 Profile.
Learning visits.
Departments prepare courses on an ongoing
basis through out 2012-13. Two additional inservice days will provide dedicated time for
course development. Possibility of additional
development days for departments on a ‘bidding’
basis. PTs/SLT have overview through link
arrangements. (PTs/SLT)
Learners experience a commonality of Implementation of new strategy, led by three
approach to the delivery of Es and Os whole-school co-ordinators (FM/KS/KG), with
in these three areas. Delivery of Lit / support of relevant School Improvement Groups.
Num/ HWB is improved as a result.
SLT have overview. (DB)
New courses ready to deliver to
new S4 for 2013-14 timetable.
SLT audit of link departments.
The evolving curriculum will be Curriculum Steering Group will have overview.
meeting the needs of learners through
any amendments needed following
Improved Knowledge of P5 – S3 GLOW page updated
curriculum by Departments/ASG and Learning Visits to ASG and ASG to visit EA
incorporation where appropriate to Staff development
S1-3 course development
Audit of existing curriculum.
Surveys of staff / pupils / parents.
Learning visits.
Student views will be gathered.
Audit against Es & Os in relevant
Learning Visits, Focus groups
Sampling of student work in
primary and secondary school
2. Improved motivation through supporting learners
2.1 Development and
S3 students will reach the end of the
implementation of S3 Profile
broad general phase with a clear
picture of their own strengths and
areas for improvement, preparing
themselves for the transition to the
Senior Phase.
2.2 Development of structure
An inclusive structure has been
to support all learners
developed to allow every learner the
opportunity to achieve his/her level.
Profiling group will plan this short term S3 pilot
Key lead departments will implement Work with
ASG for long term vision.
“Supporting Learners” SIG will consult on
possible structures for supporting learners, with
necessary changes in place ready for the start of
the 2013-14 session (GD)
2.3 Autism-friendly
The school will have moved closer to School Improvement Group continues to work
accreditation, towards accreditation, deploying a variety of
meaning that we are fully able to strategies.
support youngsters on the autistic
3. Improved motivation leading to improved attainment & achievement
3.1 Project designed to
Improved motivation across all Appointment of Acting Whole School post to work
promote improved motivation
improved on issues of motivation, tracking, monitoring and
amongst all students
attainment and achievement.
attainment. (DB)
Review and redevelopment of merits system.
Leadership programme for students and staff,
leading to establishment of set of values for the
school. (TD)
4. Improved motivation through the development of global citizenship
4.1 Development of links with The ‘global citizenship’ aspect of the Global Citizenship SIG will devise strategies to
schools in Africa, China, France new shared vision for the school is enhance and improve existing links with
and Germany.
addressed, with students appreciating Mzomhle in South Africa, Haihe High School in
the relevance of their learning to their Tianjin, China, and exploration of establishing a
future in a global context.
link with a school in France. International Week
to be enhanced to focus on these three
countries. (DB/AW)
5. Improved motivation through enhanced quality improvement procedures
5.1 Implementation of revised Improved policy and procedures will Short-term SIG established to revise policy and
policy and procedures on quality have a positive effect on the work of procedures. This will include a review of current
improvement / self-evaluation
the school, leading to improved tracking and monitoring procedures. New policy
attainment & achievement
in place for start of new ‘annual cycle’ in
September 2012. (DB/KG))
6. Improved motivation through improved learning and teaching
6.1 Ongoing focus on the
Effective questioning embedded
Peer observation to take place within
improvement of learning &
Begin focus on feedback
departments then spread to whole school Staff
Development sessions
Learning visits
Sampling of e-portfolios
E-portfolios to be measured against
Learning Visits
Student focus groups
Agreed structure in place.
Ongoing evaluation via
accreditation are achieved.
Audit of opinion amongst learners,
parents and staff.
Ongoing review.
Attainment & achievement data in
subsequent years.
Ongoing review
Audit of curriculum.
New policy & procedures reviewed
on an ongoing basis. Surveys.
Analysis of
attainment and
achievement data in subsequent
Learning Visits
Data – Attainment
ASG Learning Rounds
Pupil council