inthigh 11-12

Classroom Procedure
Assigned Teacher:
Site & Room#:
1. Special Instructions
(Opening/Closing classroom, keys, lights/heat etc.)
2. Location of Emergency Lessons Folder
3. Location of materials and supplies to support the Lesson Plan
(Chalk, pens, paper, books, flash cards, etc.)
4. Information about Daily Routines
(Bio breaks, team organization/responsibilities etc.)
5. Attendance Procedures
(Indicate how you expect the substitute instructor to record attendance and transmit this information to you.)
Lesson Plan Format
Lesson Plan for: Civics Intermediate
Date: November 12 and 14
Performance Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to…use the past participle of common irregular verbs.
Task Analysis: List the sub skills or concepts you must teach or review, so students will be able to perform the objective above. Using helping verbs.
What and How? Describe Activities Date: 11/5
1. Warm up and/or review
How was your weekend? Do pages 88-89 in
Geography book. Go over.(Work with Moheeb on
cve pattern)
Review previously learned content to begin a new
lesson. Create an environment for learning.
2. Introduction
Create motivation for a new topic. What’s in it for
them? Don’t start teaching your lesson yet, just
create interest in it.
3. Presentation
Teach us a new information or skill using a variety
of strategies; check for student comprehension.
4. Practice
Let the students practice the new skill Model the
activity. Make it safe for them to make mistakes.
Remember that the best lessons have more practice
then presentation.
5. Evaluation
What and How? Describe Activities
Date: 11/7
Write a short story about what you did
yesterday. It should be in the simple past.
Introduce 3 sentences on the board. See if students
can identify the tenses of the sentences. Talk about
the use of the participle.
Review the difference between the present
participle and the past participle.
Have students open the
website. Go over the chart, answering questions
about the meaning of the words.
Review sentences that students wrote for
homework. Decide as a group whether they
are past or present participle. How would you
change them to switch?
Take stories that student’s wrote, have them
change the verbs in the stories to the correct
Have students write sentences using simple past and
the past participle.
Read and correct the student’s sentences.
Read stories out loud to the class.
Have students practice on ipads.
Finish writing business letters. (Work with
Moheed) Have Artsiom write a cover letter.
Why is it important to be involved in your child’s
education? How is it different here, than in your
Review how do you spell check? Change the
Evaluate the students to see if they can perform the
skill just practiced. Use a checklist, quiz, a reportback session or other means of assessment.
6. Application
Create an activity in the classroom where students
apply the new information or skill to their own lives.
Simulate real world application of the skill as much
as possible.
7. Reflection
Create an activity that asks students to reflect on
what they have learned and how and when they will
use it, whether they enjoyed learning about it and
found it easy or difficult.