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Meet the Blind Month
Material Order Form
The following is a list of free materials available through the Independence Market. Please indicate
the quantity needed to the right of each listed item. If you do not need an item, please type “zero”
or leave the text box empty. Once you have completed the form, please submit it by e-mail to
[email protected] or by fax to (410) 659-5129. You will receive an e-mail confirming the submission of
your order. Please allow one month for the processing of your order. Call (410) 659-9314 extension
2283, if your event is less than seven business days away, if the order is larger than five hundred
pieces per item, or if you are unsure as to what to order for your event.
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Please choose from the list of material below. Indicate the quantity needed by placing a number in
the text box located to the right of each listed piece of literature.
 Braille alphabet cards:
 What is the National Federation of the Blind? Brochures:
 Do You Know a Blind Person? Brochures:
 NOPBC Brochures:
 Are You a Senior Struggling with Vision Loss? Brochures:
 NFB Jernigan Institute Brochures:
 NEWSLINE Brochures:
 NEWSLINE Applications:
 Blind Veterans Brochures:
 Is Your Diabetes Getting Complicated? Brochures:
 Meeting a Working Guide Dog Team Brochures:
 Straightforward Answers About Blindness Brochures:
Please note that Kernel books come in boxes of fifty of the same title. Please choose a title(s) from the
linked list of books found on the Meet the Blind Month Independence Market homepage. If a number
is indicated with no title is listed, the title(s) will be randomly selected by the Independence Market.
Kernel Books:
Please indicate if you would like the following Who’s Whozit Packets in large print or Braille. Each
packet accommodates 20 students.
 Who’s Whozit Packet (Grades K-2):
 Who’s Whozit Packet (Grades 3-5):
 Who’s Whozit Packet (Grades 6-8):
 Who’s Whozit Packet (Grades 9-12):
The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) now has a vehicle donation program. We need your help
to increase community awareness through your local Meet the Blind Month events! This program will
only be successful if the public knows about it.
We have flyers, mail inserts, and other promotional material for the vehicle donation program
available for printing on our website at
Please indicate if you’d like to order the following vehicle donation materials:
 Stickers:
 Color flyers:
 Inserts:
If you have questions about the vehicle donation program, please contact Joanne Wilson at
[email protected] or (410) 659-9314, extension 2335.
Please submit your completed order form to Ilana Posner:
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: (410) 659-5129
Note: Try not to overwhelm individuals with literature right away unless they ask for literature. Start a
conversation and get them excited up about the NFB. Tell them how much the NFB has helped you
and share your own experiences. Then ask if they would like literature and to learn more about how
they can help the NFB.