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City of Trenton
Conference Session and Public Hearing
(THURSDAY) February 12, 2015
7:00 P.M.
o Approval of Minutes
o Memorialization of Resolution(s)
o Board Development Master Plan-Trenton250
 Organizational Board Development
Planning Board Bylaws
Item #1
Citizens Campaign Trenton Chapter Storm and Flood
Protection: Master Plan Amendment
Applicant seeks to have the Master Plan adjusted to articulate a clear policy
concerning storm protection and stormwater management. This will provide the
foundation for implementing both land use ordinances as well as redevelopment
plans that have widespread economic, environmental and social benefits.
Applicant: Citizens Campaign, Trenton Chapter
Item #2
15-P-NJRA- Intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Broad StreetTrenton, NJ
Applicant seeks an Approval for a Preliminary and Final Site Plan to develop an
approximate 20,850 square foot building containing leasable retail space on the
ground floor and the New Jersey Association of Realtor offices on the two upper
floors, along with required parking and other appurtenant site improvements.
Applicant is also requesting a variance waiver for the Roebling Complex
Redevelopment Plan: Section D1 Building Requirements –Front Yard Setback
Variance and Business B District: Section 315-120 Lot Coverage Variance.
(BB)Business B and (IA) Industrial A Zone Districts -Location Address,
Intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Broad Street; City Tax Map Block(s) 10001,
Lot(s) 7-13, 13.01, 14-19, 19.01 & 20-23 (Existing), Lot 1 (proposed); Applicant,
New Jersey Association of Realtors, 295 Pierson Avenue, Edison, NJ, 08837
The City of Trenton Planning Board Conference Session starts at 7:00pm and is located on the 3rd
floor in the Annex in the Housing and Economic Development Department. Plans and applications
are available for inspection weekdays between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. at the Office of
the Division of Planning- Department of Housing and Development, 3rd floor, City Hall Annex, 319
East State Street-Trenton New Jersey 08608