Emigrant Dumping Site SOAPSTone Reach way back in your mind

Emigrant Dumping Site SOAPSTone
Reach way back in your mind and try to remember when we learned about
SOAPSTone. We applied SOAPSTone to decode and break apart the cartoon. Using
SOAPSTone was our way of determining what the cartoonist was talking about.
In Coach Ross’s class you spent time going over the Emigrant Dumping Site political
cartoon. When you discussed the cartoon in his class, you went over Speaker,
Occasion, and Subject. Today, you are responsible for determining the following
things: who was the audience that this cartoon was intended for, what was the
cartoonist’s purpose, and what was the cartoonist’s tone?
 Answer the following questions to determine AUDIENCE, PURPOSE, and
 After you answer all the questions, write a two-paragraph (SEVEN sentences
each) summary over your findings.
 Do this assignment on a WORD document and then when you are finished we
will copy/paste it to a Google document titled, “Emigrant Dumping Site” and
turn it in that way.
1. What are the characteristics of the audience? In other words, who is reading
this cartoon? (think about where it would be published/seen)
2. How is the audience related to YOU as the reader/viewer? (so, when it was
originally published in 1890, you weren’t alive, right? But think of who WAS
alive? Maybe someone you were related to read this cartoon…)
3. Why is the cartoonist addressing this audience? (again, WHO is reading it,
why are THEY reading it instead of other groups – what reason does the
cartoonist have for choosing his particular audience?)
4. What does the author hope to accomplish by this expression of opinion? (is
he persuading? Arguing? What result does he want from this cartoon? What
does he want people to think?)
5. How should the audience respond to the cartoon? (Remember, it’s 1890)
6. How does the cartoonist WANT the audience to respond?
7. What attitude does F. Victor Gillan want us to have toward emigrants? (make
sure you look at all of the things on the cartoon – facial expression, hand
gestures, etc)
8. How does HIS attitude enhance the effectiveness of this cartoon? In other
words, what do you think F. Victor Gillan thinks about emigrants?
Write two paragraphs (SEVEN sentences) in analysis of the cartoon. Analyze
means that you are examining the political cartoon to determine the most
important points. You are to pick out the most important pieces of the cartoon
and put them in your paragraphs. HINT: You just answered eight questions
about this cartoon. I wouldn’t ask you eight unimportant questions, would I? If
I were you, I would take the information that I used to answer these questions
and put it in your paragraphs.