Double-Pinched Poinsettias


Double-Pinched Poinsettias

The one-plant pinched, multi-bloom poinsettia is the most commonly grown form. However, as the market trend continues towards different forms, growers are looking for ways to expand their product line. With the superior branching habit of today’s cultivars, it is possible to create larger, fancier double-pinched plants with 10-13 flowers. This is also an outstanding form for novelty cultivars, like Winter Rose TM .


Transplant rooted cuttings 4 weeks earlier than traditional one-pinch programs. For most regions this will be mid July.

Container Size:

Because of the larger finished height and size of a double pinched plant, the suggested container size is no less than 6.5”/16 cm and no larger than 7”/21 cm. This should provide adequate weight and stability to the finished product.

Pinch Schedule:

The initial pinch should be made once cuttings have established a root system in the pot, generally 2 weeks after transplant. For most growers this will be approximately the first week of August. Use a soft pinch with leaf removal for best branching results. 4-6 shoots are sufficient from this pinch. Four weeks later (early September) apply the second pinch. Leave 3 to 4 nodes per shoot, shaping the plant for a more symmetrical form.

Space Required:

Double-pinch poinsettias are shorter in height than large, multi plant forms that require more space. Final spacing on the bench should average 1.6-1.8 square feet per pot. Winter Rose will require less, approximately 1.4-1.6 square feet per pot.

Height Control:

For maximum stem strength and reduction of stem breakage, use plant growth regulators to control stem elongation. Spray applications of Cycocel® or B-Nine®/Cycocel should be applied prior to and after pinching because of the longer production time. A finished height of 17 18”/42-45 cm is desirable for this form. All other production requirements for fertilization, insect and disease control management are similar to other poinsettia forms. If using Marathon®, apply at the time of final pinch to provide whitefly control through the primary growing season. © 2011 Ecke Ranch