Core Services

ANR Event Services is the event planning resource for faculty, educators, program
coordinators and staff in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, MSU
AgBioResearch and MSU Extension.
A wide-variety of services are available; consulting, planning, budgeting, venue
selection, booking on campus and off, logistics, staffing and production for events of any
size or scope from one-day workshops to complex international conferences.
The customizable ANR Events Management System provides a fast and easy, yet
sophisticated method for creating and managing event registrations online. This system
provides online registration for conferences, educational events, online webinars and
more. With minimal training events may be built with predesigned event templates that
may be easily customized.
For complex events, many chose to contract with ANR Event Services to build events. To
discuss a complex event, begin by emailing An ANR Event Services
staff member will be in touch to discuss the event in more detail. After that discussion, a
proposal will be developed with an estimate of the hours and service fee that the event
requires. The complexity of the event will affect the amount of support required.
Once an approved estimate has been received by ANR Event Services, it will be assigned
to a staff member. Please allow a minimum of three weeks from the beginning of the
build until the event needs to be ready to accept registrations. Fees are invoiced once
the event has closed.
Note: ANR Event Services hourly rate structure is reviewed and approved biennially
through the Michigan State University Office of Contracts and Grants.
Meetings, Conferences, Symposiums
Catering services
Audio visual and technology services
Parking, Transportation and Security Services
Special Events (commemorations, retirement, faculty and staff awards)
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Contract negotiables
Event registration
 Event Planning Services – Resource Support
o Consulting, advice, recommendations
o Event timeline worksheet review
o Contract review and submission for signature
o Budget review
o MSU Campus classroom scheduling
o Vendor and facility recommendations
 Events Management System
o Events Management System Manual – step by step instructions
for creating and managing events
o Events Management System Training
o Predesigned and customized event templates in the Events
Management System
o Event registration design support
o Review and activation of event registration
 Spell check
 Grammar check
 Style check
 Date confirmation
 Cost, Sales tax
 MSU compliance review (no collection of birthdates, etc.)
 Functionality and content review
 Budget review for break even or profit (for MSUE events
o User support for event organizers and registrants
o Cancelling events or participants
o Adding events in the Events Management System to the
appropriate event calendars (MSUE, ABR, CANR, OD)
 Financial Services
o Processing cash, checks, MSU accounts, wire transfers and credit
card transactions (including processing refunds)
o Event closing
Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture | 446 W. Circle Drive, Room 11 | East Lansing, MI 48824-1039
Payment of expenses or reimbursements
Final cost analysis
Net income transfer/splits
PCI compliance
Vendor setup in EBS
Speaker contracts and payments
 Event Planning Services and Management
o Requests for proposals (RFP)
o Budget development and management
o Timeline development and management
o Facility and vendor negotiation, booking and management
o Sponsorship management
o Speaker contracts and travel arrangements
o Site visits as needed
o Educational Tours/special activities
o Transportation logistics
o Catering and menu development, and meal counts
o Issue call for papers
o Manage the submission process for papers or proposals including
peer review process
o Design and layout conference proceedings (with support from
ANR Communications Product team as needed)
o Publishing proceedings – print and electronic (with support from
ANR Communications Product team as needed)
o Entertainment
o Design and décor
o Event Support
 PowerPoint presentations
 Nametags and lanyards
 Registration materials
 Certificates/awards
 Seating charts, name cards
 Website management
 Email distributions
 Event apps
Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture | 446 W. Circle Drive, Room 11 | East Lansing, MI 48824-1039
 Scripts (with ANR Communications as needed)
 Moderator materials
 Volunteer management
 Event giveaways
o On site event management
Marketing, Communications and Product Development
We will manage the relationship with ANR Communications and Product team;
additional fees may apply.
Event identity; logos, color scheme, etc.
Banners, programs, site signage
Graphic design and layout (agendas, proceedings, programs,
brochures, etc.)
o Printing management
 Printing quotes, proofing, editing, final print file uploads,
o Content development
o Communications and marketing plan development
 Email and save
 Save the date postcards
 Direct mail
 Brochures/fliers
 News releases
 Social media
 Radio
 Blog
 Television
Events Management System
o Building and managing events
o Creating and managing quotas
o Monitoring registration (cancelling duplicates)
o Scholarship management
Financial Services
o Specialized financial analysis
o Financial tracking and management
Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture | 446 W. Circle Drive, Room 11 | East Lansing, MI 48824-1039